Shenseea Previews Bouncy New Song In Dior Bikini Thirst Trap

Shenseea is teasing new music as she gets ready to release her upcoming sophomore album.

Over the post-independent weekend, the artiste shared a video on her Instagram profile showing off her sexy body while wearing a matching Dior bikini suit. As she poses in the camera, the audio of what sounds like a new track plays in the background.

“Drop yuh waistline when you hear the bass drop/you got that thing that I like that’s how mi do it Imma need more time…Let me lose my mind, drop it all for me,” she is heard singing.

The song was tagged “Shenseea audio” on the post with no name, but Shenseea hinted at it being a new track. “I wanna drop this song so bad,” she wrote.

This is not the first time that Shenseea has teased fans with the same. She posted a video on August 3 where she showed off her whining skills to the chorus of the song. The artist wore a pink see-through top with matching skin-colored tights as she moved her waist.

The time is winding down based on the timeline Shenseea gave in July in an interview with YouTuber Nyla, where she revealed that she has an album ready for release either in late August or early September.

“There’s just some things that I wanted to tweak, I know I can do better with some lines, I know I can do better with some beats so that’s really it,” Shenseea said, adding that the tracklist is 80% ready.

As for the sound, the artiste said she is going for a ‘new sound’ to show off her versatility and will be blending R&B and dancehall. She did not reveal much about the album but only said that fans can expect that she will be singing on the project.


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Shenseea recently revealed that fans should not expect a lot of collaborations on her new album since she is in an experimental phase.

“I have to make sure that I’m not making a fool of myself or even making a fool of anybody else that I’m trying to bring to the table,” she said about collabs. I wanna be sure of what I’m doing. I wanna master it to the fullest, to be like ‘Yes, this is Shenseea, this is the new Shenseea’. So right now I am currently rebranding myself, rebranding my sound. So say I’m at maybe 70%, I wanna be at 100 before I can say ‘let’s bring this person to the table now’.”

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