Shenseea Giving Away $20K To ‘Lick Challenge’ Winners & Launch Merch

Shenseea announced on Tuesday night that she’s offering fans a chance to win, but if they supply the best “Lick” video for a new challenge, she started.

Shenseea is no stranger to viral challenges. Her last challenge had fans and fellow artists alike joining her #LighterChallenge as they tried to imitate her soprano hook.

Over the last two days, “Lick” has received much local and international publicity, and the song continues to trend.

Now, she’s ready to take Instagram and Tik Tok by storm as she invites fans to join her challenge for a chance to win the grand prize of $20,000 in total.

“Hey guys, I hope you are ready for me today because I gave you” a head start yesterday. “So today, the challenge has officially begun, and I’m giving away $20,000. $10,000 on Instagram and $10,000 on Tik Tok. How you gonna win is you have to hashtag #LickChallenge in your video, you have to be original, you have to be creative, tag me and Megan Thee Stallion and anybody else from my team so I can see your video,” the “Blessed” artist said.

Shenseea added, “On Instagram I will be reposting videos and whoever with the most likes on my page will win their $10,000, on Tik Tok, whoever gets the most views when they do the hashtag because I will be checking every video once you get the most views, you will win $10,000.”

She, however, later added that unoriginal videos that are transitions are allowed in the competition.

The artist also shared that she is preparing to drop her Lick merch on Tuesday and told fans to be on the lookout.

While speaking to Angie Martinez on Monday, the young deejay said she was planning to release lip gloss for women and chapsticks for men. On her Instagram Stories, she disclosed that she was selling hoodies and t-shirts with the tagline ‘Lick” as well as bikinis and tops on her website

Shenseea’s latest moves signal a shift from just artiste to also a businesswoman. While speaking to Martinez, she spoke about the influence of Kanye West on her as a mentor and friend since their collab on his album DONDA.

It seems that Shenseea is learning from the billionaire businessman who never fails to release merch for all of his ventures. At his recent Free Larry Hoover concert in early December, the rapper had hefty price tags on the branded items he sold, which included $200 hoodies, $100-$160 T-Shirts, jumpsuits for $360, $60 hats, and $400 repurposed pants, all made in collaboration with Balenciaga.


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