Shaneil Muir Blast Mr. Vegas and Former Manager After IG Live

Shaneil Muir is calling out fellow artist Mr. Vegas and her ex-manager Richie Flores after the latter did an interview claiming that he didn’t owe her money.

The dancehall singer hinted in her Instagram Live this week that she was experiencing issues with her manager, leading many to believe that her decision to step away from dancehall music had something to do with her problems with Flores. On Friday, Shaneil Muir lashed out at Mr. Vegas after his interview on Instagram live with Flores.

“Mr vegas since you have become a mediator I appreciate your intervention so long as you can help support the truth with evidence and authentic documentation so that richie flores does not also taint you as a liar and instigator,” Muir said on her Instagram account on Friday.

In another graphic, she wrote, “For the clarity of doubt please present your exhibits as AUTHENTIC EVIDENCE to support your claim of these accounts that Rebel Ace and its director Mr Richard Flores have assured the masses that he has and that you have seen.”

In the Live with Mr. Vegas, Flores claimed that he had been paying Muir’s Road Manager for her tour throughout the time they worked together as well as the booking agent.

Flores confirmed that Muir terminated him as her manager in October, but he did not state her reason for doing so.

It seems that money is at the center of the breakdown, as Flores said that the artist asked that 100% of the funds from her shows be sent to her on October 4. He said that Muir was not receiving 100% of her funds because of “incidentals” that he kept. “Incidentals may happen, an artist may miss a flight… may miss a show and then you would have to return the deposit to the promoter as your responsibility as the booking agent.”

Flores claimed that his company Rebel Ace which managed her bookings and shows, had secured bookings up to 2023. The manager hinted that he was accused of using Muir’s money to go to Paris, which led to the fallout.

“There’s been some insinuating that I use Shaneil money to go to Paris. This is not the case. Right. Me and my wife celebrate the same birthday. My wife work full time, I work full time. We both have jobs. I mean I shouldn’t have to try to explain myself but the fact that people would insinuate that I would take Shaneil’s money is ludicrous.”

In the meantime, Flores says that he was told by Muir on October 4 that he was not authorized to accept funds on her behalf, and the artist later terminated his services on October 10.

The manager added that Shaneil owes him money for the shows that were booked for her up to 2023. On Thursday, the artist shared that she was going to honor her obligations to those promoters, which showed more than a dozen performances in the Caribbean and the United States from October to December and two shows in February 2023.

In the meantime, Flores handed over $4,000 to Muir on October 13 after his company deducted 30% of the monies it held- 20% for management fees and 10% for booking fees. The artist had received 50% of the booking fee from promoters.

Muir has reportedly sent letters from her lawyers demanding that Flores return the 20% management fees he has collected as that is future income for work he has not done. However, her letter says he may keep the 10% booking fee.

Flores is, however, adamant that he owes her anything.

Meanwhile, Muir has reportedly hired a new manager, Cara Vickers, and a lawyer who has sent him a letter accusing him of collecting the remaining funds for a show last week. He denied that he collected any fees from any promoter in Jamaica.

“I’ve never robbed Shaneil, I’ve never taken any money from Shaneil, I was always fair to Shaneil and I think Shaneil is one of the most talented artists out there in the whole industry,” Flores said.

On Friday, Shaneil Muir called out her ex-manager, whom she said has not responded to the lawyer’s letter.

“It’s so funny how you find LIVE INTERVIEW hiding your face and you have yet to respond to my lawyer regarding the matter, after giving me only 24 hrs to respond to your cease and desist initially,” she said in a statement posted on her Instagram Story.

“Fire de a muss muss tail him tink a cool breeze,” Flores added.

“Fool man but you can’t fool God. “I’ve known Shaneil long before her success” YES! You were strategic in your planning. MasterMind!” she added in another Instagram Story.

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