Shaggy’s Colour Bank Assist Inmates With Bank Accounts & Debit Cards

Shaggy continues to give back in a major way and is urging other artists to also give back.

The Grammy-winning artist recently visited a Michigan prison where he shared words of wisdom and spoke to inmates as part of his philanthropic efforts, and he is sharing that many others can do more. According to Shaggy, he doesn’t take his blessings lightly and knows that his fame also brings him the opportunity to do more for his community. According to TMZ, the Jamaican-born Brooklyn-raised former Marine recently visited Genesee County Jail in Michigan, where he spoke to inmates.

Shaggy, who holds an honourary doctorate from Brown University, was invited as the guest speaker at the prison’s graduation event called IGNITE, Inmate Growth Naturally and Intentionally Through Education which is partially sponsored by Shaggy’s Colour Bank.

According to reports about the artist’s appearance, Shaggy co-owns the banking institution Colour Bank which serves people of Caribbean and African descent in America. The bank serves customers who particularly do not have a social security number and are otherwise unable to access banking services.

At the graduation held on November 15, Colour Bank, which supports inmates’ access to education and other resources through IGNITE, also ensured that debit cards and accounts were given to 15 inmates who graduated.

Colour Bank’s support is all aimed at the prison’s program to assist inmates in re-integrating into society and assisting them so they do not re-offend, especially as studies show many ex-convicts find it challenging to return to normal life after jail.

Speaking with TMZ, the artist revealed that Colour Bank provides inmates with financial literacy courses and later financial services, which they need after they begin to work and earn their salaries.

The artist said that he is motivated to help his community and said he drew inspiration from the Notorious B.I.G., who previously spoke about artists having responsibility for the type of music they make, especially when their influence grows as they rise to the top.

The beloved artist is known for his philanthropy, including his annual Shaggy and Friends concert in Jamaica that raises funds to support the Children’s Hospital on the island.


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