Sean Paul Reveals His Next Album Might Be Roots Reggae, Talks Dancehall Evolution

Sean Paul reveals his next album might be a one drop (roots reggae) project, and is opening up about the evolution of dancehall.

One of the best parts of being an entertainer is the ability to command an audience from any focal point. As with most entertainers, Jamaican dancehall legend Sean Paul misses the thrill of being on stage. Yet, the deejay knows that only one thing remains constant, and that’s change.

One of his biggest achievements coming from the lockdown due to Covid-19 is his newly released, feature-filled album Live N Livin. He’s also eyeing a “One-Drop” project for his label, but no official word has been given on such a project.

What is known is that his recent album is being hailed as revolutionary based on the number of collaborators. The album boasts 16 tracks with a combined total of 22 collaborators, inclusive of Paul and some of the biggest names in dancehall. While praising artists like Demarco, Squash, Leftside, and Serani for their abilities to write, produce, and deliver on the track, he mentioned that change is inevitable. Citing the growth of genres such as hip hop and rock & roll, Sean explained why the project features new acts such as MasickaGovanaSkillibeng, and Intence.

Live N Living is the first Sean Paul album released under his own Dutty Rock imprint, having released an album for fellow dancehall entertainer Chi Ching Ching, who is currently signed to the label. He noted that the “people in the industry need to adopt.” This means that established artists deserve whatever accolades they should get, but younger artists also need recognition for the great work they have been doing in providing great music the genre is known.

The album is laced with “feel good music and dancehall anthems” however, Dutty Paul also made way for some conscious vibration through “Guns Of Navarone,” which features Mutabaruka, Jesse Royal, and Ghanaian dancehall artiste Stonebwoy. With another album set to be released later this year, Sean is already thinking about yet another project for his label.

While not much was said about what he had in mind, he did reveal that it could be a predominantly roots reggae project. Some of Paul’s most loved hits have fallen into this category. His tracks with Jamaican reggae singers Sasha and Da’ville are still considered phenomenal hits to this day.l. So too is “Come Over,” featuring UK-based entertainer Estelle.

While speaking to Winford William OnStage, Sean also spoke of his love and admiration for his two kids and his wife while also explaining just how turning a father has helped to shape his music.


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