Safaree Takes His Kids Legend & Safire To Jamaica For First Time

Love and Hip Hop star Safaree is ensuring that his children are in touch with their culture and heritage and says that he brought them to Jamaica to do just that.

The Love & Hip Hop cast member revealed that he took the kids to Jamaica on vacation for the very first time on Tuesday, and they also seem very acclimated to the island. On Tuesday, Safaree, who was born in the United States to Jamaican parents, shared that the children were excited to be in Jamaica.

“Safire & Legend take Jamaica. They have been screaming wah gwan non stop. it’s time WELCOME TO JAMROCK,” he said.

He also shared that he was introducing the children to Jamaican patties for the very first time. It’s unclear if the children enjoyed the patty, but he did share that both Safire and Legend were enjoying fruits in Jamaica, including mangoes, watermelons, and other fruits.

“Legend never eats fruit in America but in [Jamaica] he does @vitalfrequencyretreat,” Safaree said about the property located at Robin’s Bay in St. Mary.

Legend also seemed to enjoy the sand, with Safaree sharing that the little boy was playing in the sand and ended up eating the sand and putting it on his hair. He also seemed to have a great time in just his diapers and Crocs as he trekked in the mud.


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Safaree also shared that he was staying at his Jamaican property, Vital Frequency Retreat, where he showed off the new bamboo fence he put up the last time he was on the island, the plants on the property, and the ganja plants growing in pots.

In other videos, Legend and Safire also got to meet dancehall artiste and dancing master Ding Dong whom the baby was busy climbing all over.


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