Rihanna Fuels Pregnancy Rumors At Her $6 Million Performance In India

In an exclusive performance, Rihanna graced India with her presence for the first time in 2024. The occasion was the pre-wedding party for the son of India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, a truly elite event.

Forbes estimates Mukesh Ambani’s net worth at a staggering $112.1 billion, making him not just the wealthiest man in India and Asia but also the 11th richest in the world. His wealth, amassed from his oil, telecoms, retail, and finance businesses, is a testament to his grandeur.

Ambani is well known for his massive events where the rich converge in India. This weekend, Rihanna is among the rich and famous who arrived in India for Ambani’s youngest son Anant’s wedding to fiancée Radhika Merchant. In a video shared on Thursday, Rihanna gets into what looks like a golf cart taking her into the wedding venue- Ambani’s massive mansion in Jamnagar city in Gujarat state. The singer’s luggage, which included her outfits and other items for her performance, was also shipped with her to India in three containers.

On Instagram, fans asked about the containers, noting that they appeared like tiny houses. Rihanna, however, said she was carrying the stage for her performance.

“The stage couldn’t fit in my carryon,” the singer said.

According to Complex, the Ambanis are no strangers to having the best entertainers perform for them. In 2018, Beyoncé was flown in to perform for his daughter Isha’s wedding.

This marks Rihanna’s first performance in India, and the buzz is palpable. While the exact figure remains unconfirmed, TMZ reported that she was paid a whopping $6 million for her 2-hour performance, adding to the excitement.

On Thursday night, the mother of two was heard rehearsing for the upcoming event. Fans online shared videos from their balconies where Rihanna sings in the background. Videos showed the rehearsal coming from a massive mansion with colorful lights.

In the meantime, the wedding guests will be entertained by famous magician David Blaine, and many Bollywood celebrities are expected to attend. Indian weddings can span weeks-long celebrations involving various ceremonies for the bride and groom.

As footage from her performance hit the net, fans speculate that Rihanna could be pregnant with her third child. Bare in mind that she welcomed her second child, Riot Myers, last year August. As a result she might just have some baby weight. Nevertheless, that isn’t stopping folks from speculating.

“Rihanna pregnant omgg look at her belly,” one Rihanna fan wrote while another added, “Is it me alone who noticed that Rihanna look pregnant at that performance in India?”

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