Queen Ifrica Speaks On International Stars Coming To Jamaica

Jamaica has been getting a lot of bad press in the last few weeks with returning residents being urged not to come back to the island due to crime and violence.

Amidst the debate, Reggae star Queen Ifrica is among the few entertainers publicly defending Jamaica.

Last week, the “Lioness on the Rise” singer took to social media to speak on international celebrities visiting Jamaica despite the negative stories in the media.

“So While Jamaica is been dubbed the Place To Not Return To. These Two Great Brothers In Their Own Right Comes To Jamaica And as taking on the Image of the original man ,and seemingly owning it Proudly!,” Ifrica captioned a photo of Jay Z and DJ Khlaed. “Why do they Come to Jamaica You Think? To have the Yaad man style!!!! Jamaican man is the man who set the example for all man , Every corner of the World You Go Everyman want to be Like the Yard Man! There is something very Special About You Jamaican Man. Don’t Let Them Take It Away Fight For It.”

“You are not rapers, you are not monsters , You Love Women And they Love u !!! We know you love your Children Go Find Them Go Look for them, don’t mind mommy do it for them, Come Back To Your Greatness Jamaican Man , Happy holidays thks for the pics @spraggabenz3,” she continued.

Scores of international stars including Jay Z, Beyonce, DJ Khaled, Solange, Tyler Perry, Crystal Fox, Michael Rainey Jr., Drake and Tory Lanez have visited Jamaica in the last few month.

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