Quavo Seen In Handcuff On Yacht After Alleged Robbery In Miami

Quavo was handcuffed by Miami police on Sunday following a melee involving two men aboard a rented yacht in the tropical destination.

Reports surfaced that the Migos rapper was on board a yacht in Miami when two persons who rented the boat threatened the captain. The police were called, and Quavo, along with others, were detained and placed in handcuffs. According to TMZ, the rapper and other members of his party were not arrested or charged and were released.

A video has surfaced showing Quavo standing with his hands behind his back. Zip ties were used to restrain him and other members of the party, TMZ said. In the video, the rapper seems at ease, although restrained, as he speaks to three police officers who were on the boat.

It’s unclear what took place that caused Quavo to be detained, but TMZ reported that the police intervened after receiving a 911 call for help that a robbery took place on a yacht on the Miami River. The report claimed that two men in a group of persons with Quavo became aggressive and threatened the vessel’s captain as their rental time approached expiration.

This led to a demand for a refund and threats directed at the captain, which Miami PD said was along the lines of them threatening to kill the captain or throw him out at sea if he turned the boat to head back to the dock where the renters boarded.

The veracity of the robbery claims has not been established, but cops found two guns. Based on statements from a crew member and other occupants, they didn’t seem concerned about the weapons being used in the alleged threats or robbery.

Quavo’s attorney, Drew Findling, distanced his client from the incident, telling TMZ, “Quavo was NOT mentioned in the police report narrative. Not only was Quavo NOT arrested, he is not even listed as a witness to any alleged dispute. Ultimately, no one on the boat was arrested.”

Source: urbanislandz.com

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