Quada Says Popcaan Not Paying His Unruly Crew Despite Making Millions

Dancehall artiste Quada had much to say after learning that Popcaan made JM$22 million at his recent performance at Kingston Music Fest in Toronto, Canada, last weekend.

Quada was once part of Popcaan’s Unruly crew, and the two have collaborated on many songs like “Unruly Camp,” “Unruly State,” and “We don’t play/ Unruly Camp,” among others.

It seems that all is not well with the two artists as Quada threw shots at Popcaan after it was revealed by a Kingston Music Fest promoter that Popcaan was paid JM$22 million for a performance that lasted less than an hour on stage.

The Kingston Fest promoter Dwayne Hines was angry at Popcaan, who had bashed the event promoters for the shoddy organization of the event that led to persons being injured and the event experience being described as one of the worst in the city.

On Thursday, Quada dropped two Instagram Stories seemingly directed at Popcaan as he called out the artist for earning a high income but being a miser when it was time to pay his artists.

“A 1 artiste dis weh nah run back a nuh boy or gal!!! and nuh man cya tell me wah fi do or how fi do it!!!! Me a my own Don and own boss. Who nuh like that suck yuh muma till she dry,” the artist said.

“unuh cya tek back me glory weh father god set fi me. Nah stop shame unuh wid some good music and success,” the artist wrote on Instagram.

While the first story was ambiguous, the second story, however, went straight to the point.

“How tf a n****a can make 22M for a show and not even woulda share 100k with him crew weh a support him?” Quada wrote in an Instagram Story with laughing emojis.

The recent comments by Quada did not hint at the amicable parting he claimed occurred when he confirmed their split last year.

Last year, Quada confirmed that he is pursuing music independently through his music label Wellbad Entertainment and there is no bad blood with Popcaan. He said in an interview that he has always got love and respect for Popcaan and the rest of the Unruly outfit, but he is now focused on taking his career to the next level on his own.

This is not the first time Popcaan’s treatment of his artists and colleagues has come under scrutiny. In 2020, Urban Islandz reported on the beef between Popcaan, NotNice, and Jah Vinci. NotNice had shared that the men had been booked for a show in 2018 where NotNice was Popcaan’s DJ. However, the iconic producer claimed that he never got paid for the gig and ended up having to fund his own expenses for the entire month-long trip. NotNice also spoke about how the sleeping arrangements were terrible, with him having to share a chair with another individual while Popcaan had a separate room all to himself.

That later led to the breakdown in the relationship between Popcaan and NotNice, who stopped producing records for Popcaan. NotNice had claimed that out of the 5 shows they worked, three were sold out, so money was not an issue when the time came to pay them.

As for Quada being part of that deal, NotNice had accused Popcaan of being shady in the way he treated Quada, including blocking the artist’s song “Celebration,” featuring Jah Vinci voiced on NotNice’s track.

At the time, Quada had defended Popcaan and had refused to speak freely about the Unruly Boss. Now that he is no longer signed to Popcaan’s label, the artiste seems ready to speak his mind.

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