Popcaan’s Sister Unruly Squid Responds To Lisa Hyper Over Vybz Kartel Relationship Comments

Unruly Squid has responded to Lisa Hyper, claiming that she had an affair with Vybz Kartel while he was leading the now disbanded Portmore Empire.

In a recent interview on Tea Time with Shelly-Ann Curran, Lisa Hyper (born Felicia Gooden) appeared to give a tell-all on her time with the Gaza Empire. Hyper collaborated with Kartel on songs like “Irreplaceable” and “Come ova” in the heyday of the Gaza Empire, but she was more than an artist as she was linked to Kartel as one of his mistresses. She did not deny the allegation but rather confirmed it as she waylaid her former labelmate Popcaan and his sister Unruly Squid.

“And Unruly Squid, remember say Addi bash you too,” she said and added, “memba Addi get piece ah you too.”

“So when yah come ah talk and get brite, my girl, understand yourself,” she added.

Hyper also says later in the interview that she wasn’t sure, although she heard the rumors.

Unruly Squid also responded to Lisa Hyper for being messy, as it appears that Curran has been beefing with Squid over some yet unidentified issues.

“At a certain age, being messy just symbolizes you are miserable,” Squid wrote on Instagram Stories.

Hyper also claimed that Popcaan and others had “mash” up Gaza, and she claimed that Popcaan had told lies about Blak Rhyno and herself leading to the former being exiled from the Gaza camp back in 2010.

Hyper began by saying that Popcaan was not helpful to other artists like herself after he became famous. She added that she does have a “lot of love” for Popcaan, but she believes he doesn’t feel the same for her because of the incident in Black Ryno’s car back in 2010.

“Ah unnu mash up Gaza, not even the deejay mash it up. Ah unnu mash it up because unnu tell bare lies on Rhyno. Poppy tell bare lies on Rhyno and cause bare problems in the camp,” she began.

She continued, “When Chronic Law said if yuh never get set up inna yuh gang nuh tell me nothin’, a real talk the man a talk because guess wha, unnu set up me and unnu set up Rhyno- two people weh the man grow and groom fi music because unnu did wan do weh unnu do but guess wha, a day did ago come it did ago talk,” she claimed.


Lisa Hyper beat up Popcaan?
Lisa Hyper claimed that she had beaten up Popcaan during the 2010 incident.

“I just want Popcaan to know that I have a lot of love for him, and when I said the other day that…even though mi did beat him up inna Ryno car, mi nuh kno if him still have me up, mi really really, really nuh sure if him still have mi up,” she said.

Popcaan has not responded to Hyper’s comments.

Article Source: Urbanislandz.com

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