Nipsey Hussle Case: Eric Holder Found Guilty Of First Degree Murder For Killing Rapper

A jury found the man who shot Nipsey Hussle 10 times over an argument about him being a snitch was found guilty of first-degree murder on Wednesday.

The jury took six hours to reach to arrive at a verdict on what prosecutions say was a man who acted premeditated when he shot and killed Nipsey Hussle, whose real name is Ermias Asghedom, outside of his Los Angeles clothing store in March 2019.

Eric Holder was charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder in relation to bystanders who were shot during the incident. Instead, the jury found Holder guilty on the lesser counts of attempted voluntary manslaughter.

The conviction is a win for Hussle’s family after a delay in the trial due to the ongoing pandemic. In opening statements last month, Deputy District Attorney John McKinney addressed the jury, noting there was no “no doubt” Holder planned a calculated attack on the rapper. He shot the rapper 10 times with two guns. One of the bullets transfected the rapper’s spine.

He also kicked Nipsey Hussle in the head while the rapper was on the ground before running away. Surveillance video with audio had the entire incident on tape, showing Holder telling the rapper “You’re Through” after shooting him

Prosecutors said Hussle had approached Holder over snitching rumors. Nipsey Hussle, along with two of his friends, wanted to “clear that up” with Holder before he was attacked.

Meanwhile, the hard-won victory came even though the prosecution had difficulty getting witnesses to testify in the case out of fear of being perceived as “snitches” and being killed in retribution.

Holder’s attorney, Aaron Jansen, a public defender, has not reacted to the verdict. During the trial, he had argued that his client did shoot and kill the rapper, but he was not guilty of first-degree murder as he did not intend to kill him.

Jansen had argued that Holder became “enraged” at the accusation that he acted immediately when he killed the rapper. However, the prosecutor pointed out that Holder had left the rapper after the convo and returned with the two guns fully loaded nine minutes later, giving him enough time to back away from the situation.

Jansen had said the appropriate charge for Holder was voluntary manslaughter which carries less jail time as Holder “acted in the heat of passion.”

Eric Holder is set to reappear in court in September for sentencing.


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