Nicki Minaj Warns Son Papa Bear About Tearing Up Her Massive New Closet

Nicki Minaj shares a clip of her baby boy Papa Bear inside her gigantic new closet with a little warning

Nicki Minaj shares her son Papa Bear inside her massive new closet fitting for a queen

Papa Bear is growing like a beanstalk, and his mother, Nicki Minaj, shares that the two-year-old has been very active, especially in her close. The rapper shared on Monday that she recently had her entire closet renovated and remodeled because her son had been playing inside and might have caused some damage. She shared a video showing Papa Bear in his mini-me Armani jeans, leather jacket, and Nike shoes playing on a fluffy circular couch before getting up and running into the closet.

“Who chile is this in mama new closet?” the rapper asks in the caption. Minaj also reveals that her son has a habit of playing in her closet and might have done a little too much playing in the old one. She issued a sweet warning to the little boy. “Thinking he gon b tearing this new one up like he did the old one. No sir, papa, no sir,” she said.

Minaj welcomed her son in September 2020, and she has shown herself to be a loving and doting mother during the few and rare occasions she has shared him with the world.

The rapper recently shared snippets of her son’s Minion themes birthday party from last September. The rapper also shared a recent video of her asking her son if he was going to rehearsal with her, and he gave her a forceful “yeah” answer.



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Nicki Minaj is suing the YouTuber who goes by the name Nosey Heaux who made several defamatory comments about the mental and physical health of her son. The YouTuber has not responded to the lawsuit, and Minaj has since moved for default judgment.

In the meantime, fans loved the content on Papa Bear after not seeing him for more than six months.

“Papa looks so happy inside your new closet aka his future play place,” one fan wrote.

Nicki Minaj was recently in her native Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival. She didn’t bring her son nor her husband, Kenneth Petty, along for the trip, but certainly, sometime in the future, she will bring her baby boy to her birth country. She also recently revealed that she has her own label and is already recruiting new artists. Among her first signees is dancehall artist Skeng, who she recently introduced to Lil Wayne during their performance at Rolling Loud California.


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