Nicki Minaj Performs ‘Shake The Place’ With Machel Montano At Trinidad Carnival

Nicki Minaj “Shake The Place” literally in Trinidad performing with Machel Montano

Nicki Minaj couldn’t go to Trinidad carnival without performing her new track with Machel Montano and Destra Garcia

Nicki Minaj has been enjoying her birth country as she participated in this year’s carnival activities, with a big part of her island visit including meeting and greeting her fans. The artist has been very active on social media in recent days as she partied with her fans and danced in the streets to soca music.

The artist shared a video of her performing the verse for her song “Shake The Place” with Machel Montano and Destra Garcia.cia, where fans stood mere inches away from her. Minaj became animated as she sang the verse for fans.

She also wore a beautifully rich purple costume embellished with beads and stones from the band Tribe and a large feather backpack created by local designer Natalia Carimbocas on Tuesday, which was the day for the Carnival road march as thousands of people gathered in their skimpy featured or beaded outfits and hit the streets dancing and celebrating.

Minaj shared videos of herself on the celebrity truck entertaining fans for the second day in a row. Fans screamed and swooned at the artist while on the truck.
‘come out,” Minaj points to the crowd, and fans begin to scream in approval.

Nicki Minaj later came down to the deejay booth, where she and Machel gave a live performance for their fans. Fans can be seen dancing and rocking to the track.

Minaj also shared an article from the local newspaper, The Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, which covered a story on her visit to the island. The newspaper wrote that Minaj’s visit brings major exposure to the island given that Minaj has many millions of fans on social media and otherwise. Her presence is also expected to boost the country’s Carnival event.

Nicki Minaj’s followers also reacted to her latest post, with some expressing desire to travel to the island.

“Omg, I wanna go now,” Cuban Savage wrote.

“Where is the lime for later queen? Haha,” another fan asked.

“My dream is to go to Carnival one day I know u had hella fun,” another person said.



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