Nicki Minaj and Spice Fans Pick Apart Shenseea Tweet Over Fine 9 Snub

Nicki Minaj and Spice fans have turned their attention to Shenseea over a single tweet. Some folks are questioning why the Jamaican singer wasn’t featured on Nicki Minaj’s new Caribbean girl power anthem.

Fans of Dancehall Queen Spice are calling Shenseea “jealous” and shady after she was left off of Nicki Minaj’s remix “The Fine 9 Likkle Miss” remix. Minaj dropped the remix last Friday as a surprise track featuring Trinidadian artists Destra Garcia and Patrice Roberts and Jamaican dancehall artists Lisa Mercedez, Pamputtae, Lady Leshurr, Dovey Magnum, Spice, and London Hill.

On Sunday, Shenseea shared a tweet that seemed to stir up an ants nest. “I’m glad I don’t kiss a**!” the artist wrote on Twitter. Many of Spice’s fans who commented on the post seemed to think that Shenseea was subbing Spice, although the two artists appeared to not have any conflicts in recent times.

“Jealousy is a disease and you’ll die slow you’re not genuine, and you’re a HATER. That’s why you’ll continue to flop, doesn’t matter how light your skin is you’re still a LOOOOSERRRR!! AH HASAA YOU MAD DOGGY???” one fan commented under her tweet.

A Spice updates page also added, “Sis is mad that @NICKIMINAJ didn’t put her on the likkle miss (fine 9) remix.

Another Spice fan added, “She’s not in a happy place and it shows. She thought she would be like Sean Paul and Shaggy by this, but sadly she’s is no where. Even Lady Saw admit it. BTW Remember to stream EMANCIPATED.”

“Spice lives in your head tent free,” another said.

Shenseea has not responded to the trolls, but she has shared that she has been working. She recently released the visuals for her song “Obsessed” with Calvin Harris and also shared that she has been busy in the studio creating magic for fans.

“I got so much music that aint out yet, its crazy,” she wrote in another tweet.

Shenseea is known to be unbothered when it comes to addressing drama and has never acknowledged or responded to drama from Spice or her fans. Years ago, Shenseea had said in an interview that many female artists in the dancehall space did not want to collaborate with her.

She has gone on to be featured by Kanye West and DJ Khaled and has worked with Megan Thee Stallion, among others. This year, Shenseea was nominated for four Grammy awards and a VMA.

Spice, on the other hand, has not acknowledged her fans’ tweets. The artist has been busy in Canada, where she performed her verse on “The Fine 9” remix for the first time publicly.

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