Mr. Killa Does Damage At ISM 2019 Semi Finals

Mr. Killa Does Damage At ISM 2019 Semi Finals 1

Who is this Mr. Killa and why the hell is he mashing up Trinidad and Tobago? The King of ‘Mash Up’ hails from Grenada and like a whirlwind he’s invaded Trinidad in the heat of the Carnival season… and guess what? Nobody’s complaining! Go brave Killa, go brave!

The entertainer, born, Hollice Mapp, hails from Gouyave. He’s no newbie. In fact, Mr. Killa’s been Grenada’s culture ambassador for quite some time. He’s an incredible entertainer. In Ibiza a couple years ago, Mr. Killa’s on stage antics led to an insane viral energy that immediately propelled him further. In the wake of that, his social media activity thrust him even higher toward stardom in the Caribbean, amplifying his worth as an all round entertainer. From dancing to performance and vocal ability, Mapp has all that it takes to stand among the best in the music industry.

On Sunday night in Arima, East Trinidad, Mr. Killa made his presence felt, like only he could, at the semi finals of the International Socia Monarch competition- so much so that the online competition punters have already crowned him King, ahead of Fantastic Friday. The artiste’s tune, ‘Run Wid It’ has influenced pure wild abandon at fetes, in recent days. People have reportedly been picking other people, tables, chairs and other items of solid weight. There’s no doubt that Mr. Killa’s influence is real and powerful.

Take a look at his performance from the Semi Finals of the ISM competition, on Sunday night. Let us know if you think Mr. Killa’s the man to beat on finals night in Port-of-Spain.

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