Mother Of Beenie Man’s Son Moses Davis Jr. Dead At 59

One of Beenie Man’s baby mothers has sadly passed away.

On Sunday, Moses Davis Jr. shared that his mother, Janet Dunphy, had recently passed away in an emotional post on Instagram.

Never would I ever imagine making this post until years from now, but life doesn’t always go the way you want. Mommy, my heartbeat, my soul, my queen, my everything. You left us on October 23 2022 and ever since then my life has gone into shambles and I’ve gone into the darkness,” the young man wrote.

He also shared a slideshow of him and his mother in better times, including a holiday photo and others with her enjoying the beach and being affectionate to him.

Moses Jr., who suffers from Sickle cell trait, also shared his last conversation with his mother.

“I will never forget you or anything that you’ve done for me. You’ve set a foundation for your children and we will take care of it making sure nothing goes in vain. The last thing you said to me was to make sure I take care of myself and although you’re not here physically I know you’re up above watching me every step of the way,” he said.

Moses Davis Jr. continued, “There’s so much more words that I can say, but me good and okay. Wish me did realize the signs but me sorry say me run outta time. Until we meet again. Love you mom.”

Moses Jr. did not share any detail about the cause of death of Dunphy, who was 59 years old.

In the meantime, Beenie Man has not reacted to the death of Dunphy publicly as yet. Still, he and Dunphy appeared to have a good relationship as the artist shared his appreciation for her and the other mothers of his children back in May on Mother’s Day.

“Blessings Pon Blessings to my Superheroes who not only carry but love and care for my children unconditionally. Your efforts are well respected and never go unnoticed. To all Women that bear the duties of Motherhood, love and light to you. Happy Mother’s Day,” Beenie Man had written on Instagram with accompanying photos of the women and their children.

Beenie Man, who is currently touring overseas, has not publicly reacted to the death of one of his baby mothers. However, the dancehall icon and his son have a closed relationship since he was a child straight into adulthood.

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