Masicka Implores Dancehall Artists To Invest In Their Careers, Showcase New Studio

Masicka showcased his new studio under construction as he implores dancehall artists to invest in their careers.

Jamaican artiste Masicka could easily be handed a prize for currently being one of the most prolific entertainers in dancehall. The artiste consistently churns out quality songs and music videos for his legion of Genahsyde fans. Songs such as “Changes,” “Chance,” “They Don’t Know,” and “Better Days” are clearcut proof that the singer has a zeel to improve no matter what position he is in his life. While those intellectual offerings have definitely inspired many, Masicka is showing that he not only talks the talk but also walks the walk, with a studio that’s he’s constructing on his property.

While the structure seems to still be in the early stages of development, it still stands as a testament to the work Masicka has putting into his career over the year. On that note, Masicka decided to take a jab at fellow artistes who have been in the business for more than five years but have not constructed a studio for themselves. “Some boy a talk bout work and them nah do no work you know how long dem a sing song and nah invest inna dem thing ya,” said the “King Inna Earth” deejay.

Masicka then goes on to express what may just be the main reason for constructing a studio at home, as he relays that he plans to get his kids started on their musical journey from an early age. “Teach me little son the music, teach me little daughter dem the music.” The video proceeds with him showing off the various sections, including the hallway, the large production space, and even a bathroom. However, he returns to the main point of educating his children on how to make a living from the business he knows so well. “You affi a make decisions fi the youth dem rich too feel like we a wokliss boy, drink out we money, smoke out we money, gyal out we money like some clown. Gyal gone go f__k different man and gone left you,” he explained before belting out “A me Yout Dem me say Yout!!”

“Stop follow up some waste gyal and run backa some caryliss gyal like uno a idiot, waste uno money then a talk bout people a fight uno inna music,” is the advice he distributed to his coworkers. “Wol heap a money uno make p__sy a true uno no have no sense, dunce uno dunce, that’s why uno can’t achieve nthn. Hey boy me no like uno enuh!” he confessed.

He continued his jabs by singling out the exact crop of artiste he’s referring to. “Can’t be an artiste and no have a studio you a waste man. Any boy wa seh him a artiste and do 5-6 years inna the business and no do dis you a b__tyboy, waste man.”

While still in his entrepreneurial spirit, Masicka gave a short rundown of the land space he has on his property, proposing that an apartment could even be constructed.

Do you agree with Masicka, should every seasoned artiste have their own studio?


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