Lyfe Jennings Explains How He Met And Sing For Jeffery Dahmer In Prison

Grammy-winning artist Lyfe Jennings says that he had an encounter with serial killer Jeffery Dahmer.

Dahmer has soared in popularity due to the recent Netflix series, which dramatizes his reign of terror over a 10-year period where he killed 17 victims of color. Lyfe Jennings shared over the weekend that he was locked up from 1992-2002 for arson, and during this time, he had an encounter with Dahmer, who apparently loved his singing.

In reels shared on his Instagram account, Lyfe shared that Dahmer was waiting to be extradited from Milwaukee for murder in Ohio, and his cell was placed next to Lyfe’s. Within days, Dahmer was banging on the doors and yelling. At the time, Lyfe was allowed to be a ‘porter’ who would sweep and mop the floors.

“I could tell yall some weird stories… don’t believe it? Look it up.. 1992 receiving, my number 268192 his 227501. Gonna tell one story on a reel tonight.. sh*t gonna trip u out. Tonight at 12,” he teased in a story.

Jennings said that he briefly interacted with Dahmer.

“I used to run across dude all the time, he always wanted cigarettes, I used to trade stuff for a little cigarettes while he was down there … Like I said, I was a porter. In case y’all don’t know, a porter is a cat who clean the railings, and the floor, mops and sweep.


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“I was real young then, so they let me out to do my thing,” Jennings said. “of course, while I’ll be sweeping up I’ll be singing. One particular day, I walked past, and Jeffrey said, ‘Hey, hey, hey, is that you down there singing?”

He was like yo’ that’s you down there singing?…he was like ahh ah I like R&B’….and he was asking me, ‘Y’all would never guess what song he asked me, did I know. “Pretty Brown Eyes,” so I sang that record. “He beat it on the door and all this stuff, man.”

Lyfe Jennings seemed to hint that something else happened with his encounter with Dahmer. However, he said that he was going to share it in another reel. He hasn’t posted the reel yet, but many of his followers have reacted to the story so far, with some not too pleased about him sharing the encounter and accusing him of “clout-chasing.”

“This is so weird and giving clout chasing. The folks eager to hear this mess are just as weird,” one person wrote.


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“This is crazy. He would killed you, too, if he had the chance. Not the homie,” another person said, laughing.

Jennings, however, pushed back at the critics who doubted his story and those who felt it was wrong for him to share it.

“But something happened with the transportation, which is normal, so he stayed longer in max. But he never came to Ohio right?? Lol nobody gotta lie to yall yall still playin rkelly at ya kids pool party but mad at me smh,” he said.

Meanwhile, he changed his tone and referred to Dahmer as not his “little homie” but a monster as he acknowledged the outrage by some of his followers.


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