Love & Hip Hop ATL: Spice Blast Critic Of Her New Fashion Line

Spice put a critic of her fashion line on blast on IG.

Dancehall artiste Spice has been showing just how savvy of a businesswoman she is, after launching yet another company this week. Her new clothing brand Graci Noir perfectly complements her already booming Faces and Laces hair and makeup line with stylish sweats of all sizes for females and tracksuits and shirts for males.

As promised, Spice launched her clothing line on October 1 with a cool promotional video of herself and other models showing off some of the items available. Therefore, it was shocking to see that with just three days after launch, at least one person was having issues. An Instagram account bearing the handle “@vanessaaaa.16” commented the following below one of Spice’s recent posts: “My mom got one and it was trassshhhhhh,” wrote the alleged customer. “not good material it wasn’t comfy and it shrunk completely after she put it in the dryer ppl please don’t buy!!!” The user recommendation before she advised, “Save your money this is not good quality.”

I very disgruntled and confused Spice picked up on the comment and delivered a fierce response, blasting the alleged customer as a fake.

“Your Mumma must be a bloodcl**t Duppy weh a do her own shipping because me not even ship out one order yet and uno start hate pon me already,” came the clapback from Spice. “Do me a favor please, since Yuh draw your mother inna diss you yuh mumma and fi har mumma come bite me,” came the final blow topped off with an emoji showing a middle finger.

In anticipation of persons coercing her in being more tactful in her response, she wrote in the caption, “Nobody don’t tell me to be the bigger person I’m the smaller one. A she put har mumma Inna diss #Bitemehaters . I Just had to post this to show you how people wicked Inna life. I haven’t even shipped one order yet @gracinoir SMH.”

As for the launch of the clothing line, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star has received a ton of praise from fellow industry members and her female fans who see her as a true source of motivation.


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