Lil Tjay Gives Update On Recover Taking First Steps Since Shooting

Lil Tjay is well on his way to recovering and returning to music as he shared updates on his recovery on Wednesday, including how he reacted to reports that said he wouldn’t be able to walk after being shot in the neck.

Over the last two days, Lil Tjay has been sharing more about his health, including his return to some semblance of normalcy since the June shooting. The rapper was shot multiple times following an attempted robbery in New Jersey. He was reportedly in a critical condition after the incident, with little to no updates shared with his fans. In August, the rapper announced that he was coming back as he thanked fans for their support and promised new music.

Weeks ago, he released the track “Beat the Odds,” which speaks to how he felt about the incident where doctors had little expectation for his complete recovery. The rapper also shared a video showing him using music to cope as he recovered.

The 21-year-old rapper shared a video of himself recording new music from his hospital bed and other emotional moments from his journey to recovery. In the video, Tjay is seen wearing a neck brace while wearing a hospital gown as he raps the lyrics for his new track.

He also had a caption over the video, which addressed the scary news reports that came out about the shooting.

“The blogs said I was hit in my neck and lost my voice,” Lil Tjay wrote over the video snippet. “But I cut this record 2 weeks after waking up. I beat the odds.”

He also shared a video showing him being supported while walking for the first time after being shot.

“The blogs said I was paralyzed and couldn’t walk. But I started walking a week after surgery. I beat the odds,” the rapper while his track played in the background.

Last month, Lil Tjay spoke about the incident for the first time since June. “Hey, what’s going on, y’all?” Lil Tjay said in an Instagram video. “I just wanna say, thanks for the love, thanks for the support…New music coming soon. We gon’ come back stronger than ever, man.”

Urban Islandz previously reported that Lil Tjay was attacked and shot multiple times in an apparent attempted robbery. The New York rapper and his crew, including friends Antoine Boyd and Jeffery Valdez, were sitting inside an SUV outside a shopping center known to attract celebrities.

Suspect Mohamed Konate, 27, was arrested and charged with three counts of attempted murder and armed robbery. If convicted, he faces life in prison for the crime.


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