Koffee Says She Eats Pork and Is Not A Rastafarian

Koffee made a surprising revelation about her diet, leaving Jamaican fans and especially Rastafarians stunned.

The Grammy Kid sat down for a short and sweet interview in Barbados with Loop news this week, and the conversation got interesting when the singer was asked about her diet. As the holiday season is in full swing, the curious interviewer was eager to know what Koffee’s Christmases are usually like. The Reggae singer revealed that, like many Jamaicans at home and abroad, she looks most forward to the traditional family dinner, pointing to her mother throwing down in the kitchen.

While many would expect the Grammy winner to have a strict vegan diet, Koffee revealed quite the opposite when quizzed about it by her Bajan interviewer. According to the singer, she has tried to be a pescatarian in the past, which means she had a seafood and vegetarian diet. However, the singer says, “It’s going downhill” now as she basically eats all meats. Well, with her mom in the kitchen this Christmas, who could blame her?

Interestingly enough, Koffee sheepishly admitted to having bacon at breakfast the morning of the interview. The perceived irony is not lost on the Reggae star either, as she makes it known that she is completely aware that they say, “Rasta nuffi eat pork.”

However, Koffee clarified that she is not a Rastafarian in spite of her locs. “I basically eat whatever I feel like I would eat. I’m not opposed to any meal,” the “Lockdown” singer explained. And who knows, she may decide to try veganism at some point in the future as well.

Elsewhere in the interview, Koffee also shared plans to release her sophomore album soon. While she opted to withhold the date for now, the singer playfully teased that the project was imminent. “So, I’m working on my second album which you should expect – I ain’t goin’ tell you – but sooner than later,” she said. The NAACP winner added that she wants to work on her collaborative relationships but admits she’s “a bit of a loner” and still has a number of artists she loves that she hasn’t had the chance to work with yet.

What are your thoughts on Koffee’s unexpected admission?

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