Kiprich Honors 8-Y-O Danielle Rowe With Commemorative Tokens

Dancehall artiste Kiprich is sharing his support for the family of 8-year-old Danielle Rowe, who was laid to rest on Sunday, July 24th.

The 8-year-old was reportedly abducted from her school, Braeton Primary and Infant School in Portmore, in June, and her lifeless body was found hours later in St. Andrew. Her throat was reportedly slashed, but she succumbed to her injuries after being hospitalized for three days.

The police have been unsuccessful in apprehending a suspect. A sketch using technology of a suspect said to be a woman who visited the school and collected the child has been released, but no fruitful leads have appeared as the family of Rowe buried the child amid high drama on Sunday.

To support the family in mourning, Kiprich posted that his foundation decided to create memorabilia to honor the young child and to cheer up her mother.

“Just giving support to grieving family in every way I can @ckycarson #kiprichfoundation we did some souvenirs with Danielle Rowe pictures for them to keep forever. Keep [Danielle Rowe] mom in your prayers & Rest well baby girl,” he captioned a series of photos.

In some photos, he is seen handing a larger-than-life frame photo of Rowe to her mother. A table was also set up with many kinds of arts and crafts featuring photos of Rowe, which children collected.

Rowe’s mother appeared thankful for the gesture, which seemed to have taken place after the funeral.

In the meantime, Rowe’s family appeared emotional and traumatized as they walked out of the funeral on Sunday while the father of Danielle got up to speak during the program.

A woman who claims to be the grand aunt of Rowe led the walkout, which saw a divide between her father’s side vs. her mother’s side of the family.

The family also appeared displeased that Minister of Education, Fayval Williams, was at the funeral and claimed that they were upset that the government was “playing politics” with the funeral.

However, the government later distanced itself, noting that Minister Williams attended in her official capacity.


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