Janet Jackson Says Female Artists Have More Freedom Now Than In Her Era

Janet Jackson says female artists now are enjoying more freedom that they had during her era.

The singer’s documentary is set to premiere tonight on Lifetime, and it follows her life from being part of the Jackson 5 to a solo career as Janet Jackson. Ahead of the interview, Janet Jackson sat down for an interview with The Real, where she discussed the incremental changes that have taken place over the decades, allowing women more agency and autonomy.

When asked about women’s experience from earlier times in her career compared to the present day, the singer affirmed that she believed that women have more freedoms today than years before.

“I definitely do. Back in the day it’s more accepted today, there’s much more freedom and I’m glad we have that, it’s evolved,” she said.

Co-host Loni Love chimed in to tell Janet that her bravery had much to do with the freedoms women today have in entertainment, and this is shown by the vast number of women and artists who look up to Janet.

Among those who have named her as inspiration are Chloe Bailey and Normani, among others who have paid homage to her performance or style of fashion in the past.

When asked who are the persons she looks up to, Janet Jackson offered that she looked up to her brothers and sisters, the Motown family, and her cousin Stevie who was a huge inspiration to her, among others.

Meanwhile, Jackson’s documentary, set for release on Friday, January 28, 2022, will show the artist’s life over five years as it delves into her enigmatic career that spans four decades in show business. The four-part documentary airs over two nights.

Article Source: urbanislandz.com

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