Jamaican YouTuber Legendary Lascooo Dead By Suicide: Reports

Jamaican YouTube Legendary Lascooo reportedly commit suicide.

The full details surrounding her untimely death are still sketchy, but multiple sources confirmed with Urban Islandz on Tuesday (August 9) that the popular Vlogger, whose real name is Shauna-Kay Gayle, passed away by way of suicide at an apartment in New Kingston, St Andrew. The alleged suicide occurred sometime over the weekend, giving law enforcement enough time to investigate her death before the news broke.

Police sources say the YouTuber/Social media influencer, 20, died on the night of August 6, when Jamaica was celebrating its 60th Independence Day. Gayle’s body was discovered at an apartment of a female friend, who is reportedly a lawyer. She was found with several pills, a bottle of rum, and an electrical cord tied around her neck.

No additional detail surrounding her death was given, but police confirmed they’re still investigating it.

Shauna-Kay Gayle, whose channel is called Legendary Lascooo, is well-known in the local vlog community for posting content surrounding pranks and comedy skits. She is active on TikTok, but her last YouTube video was over a year ago.

Members of the local influencer community have been reacting to her death, including producer Brii who remembered her for her pranks.

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