Jahshii Lashes Out At Police Over Missing Female Donna Lee Donaldson

Jahshii has addressed rumors that the policeman implicated in the case of missing woman Donna Lee Donaldson is a part of his camp.

The police officer, Noel Maitland, who is stationed at Constant Spring police station, and whose baby mother, Kathanya Smith, is also implicated, have both lawyered up in past days as the public protests the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s handling of the case and pressures the government to act.

In the midst of that, Maitland has been linked to Jahshii as a producer and bodyguard and has been seen out and about with the artist on numerous occasions.

During his set at Reggae Sumfest on Friday night, the “Cream of the Crop Artist” paused his set to speak on the case of Donaldson as he said he was moved by her mother’s television interview where she begged for her daughter to be returned.

Jahshii also distanced himself from Maitland.

“You know what grieve me bredda, the girl madda did an interview dawg and say the girl left outta the bed weh dem share, together and go link this bredda ya yute and him and him gal make she missing bredda,” Jahshii said, hinting that he has been keeping up to date with the reports on Donaldson’s case.

Donna Lee Donaldson

“Yah hear me, you see if dem nuh return her to we, dem ago return her to God,” Jahsii said as he continued that there was a need for stricter laws and bringing back the death penalty for offenses against women and children.

The artist also said he was not in favor of anyone going to prison as his tax dollars would be maintaining him.

Meanwhile, Maitland and Smith are still not viewed as suspects and have not been arrested for Donaldson’s disappearance. The influencer has not been found, and her mother and family members have lost hope that she will be found alive.

Last week, the JCF did confirm that a high-level probe and a criminal investigation were underway. During a press conference last week, senior officers said that two cars belonging to the policeman and his baby mother have also been processed. According to a senior St. Andrew police officer, the vehicles have been processed, which he called “things we consider of evidential value.”

There is also CCTV footage taken from the New Kingston apartment complex where the woman was last seen. Still, no official word has come from the police regarding whether there is anything implicating Maitland and the mother of his child.




Article Source: urbanislandz.com

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