Jah Cure Take Shots At New Reggae Artistes

Reggae veteran Jah Cure has a few words for newcomers in the music industry.

The Grammy-nominated artiste is demanding respect from the Reggae music’s new generation.

Speaking with social media last week on Instagram Live, Jah Cure said he is back in the studio finishing up his new album and is going for the Grammy award this time around.

“I ease up my foot a little bit and some guys some little mice getting little bright,” Jah Cure said on IG live. “I heard them throwing some words in the songs and talking some ways.”

Jah Cure made it clear that he was not upset however said he knows a lot of these new Reggae acts aren’t producing authentic music, “Dem never struggle, some man a sing bout Reggae and a love up Reggae but dem never struggle for Reggae,” he added. “Some a unu get jump start and unu bridge the gap and skip the line.”

While the “Unconditional Love” singer failed to call any names, he said the culprits are aware of themselves, “And unu know who mi a talk bwoy, some a unu bright and a talk some way inna music like unu reach general status but i gonna teach unu something,” he continued.

Jah Cure said he is now more focused than ever to take Reggae music to the next level. The entertainer is currently promoting his new track with Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley titled “Marijuana,” his next single with be with Canadian rapper Tory Lanez.

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