Jada Kingdom Responds To Pregnancy Rumors After Video With Pardison Fontaine

Jada Kingdom might be pregnant, or that’s what fans think after she and Pardi popped out at MEFeater Magazine’s Galentine’s Day event over the weekend.

Jada was a special guest at the event and performed a five-minute set, which included her new song “What’s Up (Big Buddy).” The New York Fashion Week event was attended by several celebrities and featured some of the upcoming Spring season’s most prominent fashion lines.

In one video, Jada addresses the crowd by introducing herself as Jada, aka Twinkle.

Photos and videos from the after-party show an awkward exchange between her and Pardi, with some thinking that he’s hinting that she might be pregnant.

In one video, Pardi is seen standing alongside Jada and uses his hand to span the space of her bare stomach. He also snuggles up to her and tries to kiss her. While Jada is not initially responsive, she obliges and kisses him on the lips.

The pair appear to be at MEFeater’s after-party event in New York. On social media, many speculated that she might be carrying the American singer and songwriter’s child.

“Move Yuh Hand From Mi Belly Mind People Think Mi A Breed,” one person described the video.

“If she pregnant maybe that’s y she uncomfortable… pregnant woman can’t even stand them self more while uno come out a people business,” another person said. “When man start rub belly suh enuh….him a think bout getting her pregnant,” another said. “A bex she bex cause she was keeping the a secret for now due to past trauma and him a loud it up. She’s loves love and mi love them,” another wrote.

Jada Kingdom reacted to the chatters on X saying, “They’re talking!” Jada and Pardison Fontaine started dating at the end of the summer last year. They were first spotted out at New York Fashion Weekend.

The pair have been very open about their relationship, showing affection for each other.

In the meantime, if Jada is pregnant, this would make her second pregnancy in recent times. The “GPP” singer suffered a miscarriage last year while dating Drill rapper Nas EBK.

She had revealed that the miscarriage deeply affected her mentally. In recent times, the singer has appeared happier in her new relationship.

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