Jada Kingdom Covers Over Tattoo Of Ex-Boyfriend Nas EBK Name

Jada Kingdom is cutting ties with the past as the artist appears to cover over a tattoo of her ex-boyfriend Nas EBK’s name.

The “Win” artist shared a video of her tattoo artist adding splashes of color over Nas’ name, which was emblazoned on her wrist. “This cover up fire already,” Jada wrote in a caption. The cover-up appears to be the planet Saturn with its magnificent ring around it, with the planet shaded in punk and dark blue. The tattoo spans her entire wrist and also includes shades of pink and blues, with crosses in white completing the mosaic.

Jada Kingdom and Nas EBK broke up late last year after the artist shared that she suffered a miscarriage. Neither she nor Nas has shared why they have broken up, but last year fans speculated that the New York rapper had proposed to Jada in Kingston while they were on vacation in Jamaica.

However, Nas later clarified that it was a promise ring as he shared his love and appreciation for Jada. She and Nas began dating shortly after her breakup with music producer Verse Simmonds sometime in 2020.

Last week, Nas EBK seemed to share regrets about his relationship with Jada, but he also seemed to hint that they were still together. In the song “Ya won (Defeated)”, the rapper samples Akon’s “Don’t Matter” before talking about ‘fumbling’ Jada.

“Sometimes I get sick of this star sh*t, gone grip on my knock regardless. Tried to be a playa, I fumbled with Jada took a L, left me heartless, let’s take it back to the start bit*ch.”

He had captioned the song, “Nobody wanna see us together , but it dont matter noo , cause I got you,” and tagged Jada.

It seems that Nas might not be ready to let go as Jada released a freestyle this week where she said she was in her “wicked gyal era.” With the name tattoo now gone, it appears Jada has mentally moved on from the relationship.

Article Source: Urbanislandz.com

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