Jackboy Visits Haiti And Donates $100K, Asks Future To Help Rebuild Hospital

Jackboy visits his native Haiti and donate $100K for relief efforts while also asking Future to help rebuild hospital.

Jackboy might be beefing with Kodak Black, but he’s put down the beef for now as he headed to Haiti to assist his fellow countrymen who continue to suffer after the earthquake that recently hit the island left it in rubble and killed many, and displaced a large number of people.

The people of Haiti are in dire straits following the earthquake, then having their island lashed by a tropical storm, all in the last two weeks while there is a coronavirus pandemic.

Jackboy was on hand to assist monetarily as many families affected are in need of basic necessities to survive.

JackBoy’s real name is Pierre Delince, and he was born in Haiti on August 27, 1997. The rapper, however, grew up in the United States after leaving Haiti with his family at the age of six years old.

He grew up in the Pompano Beach area of South Florida, where he now resides.

The rapper has often shared his Haitian heritage and has paid tribute to the island with his single “Spittin’ Facts” to celebrate Haitian Flag Day this year.

On Tuesday, the rapper shared on his Instagram the situation in Haiti.

“I just walked through a hospital in Haiti & All the patients sleeping outside. I personally handed every single last 1 of them an envelope full of money but Fr Fr I feel liike that ain’t enough,” he said in one Instagram Story.

The rapper also asked for help to build a hospital to assist the citizens of Haiti.

“Who want to go half with me & get a hospital built. It’s not really that much especially if we using US dollars. #PrayForHaiti,” he added.

Meanwhile, the rapper shared grim images of the streets of Haiti in an effort to bring awareness to the living conditions of the people. As he made a walk-through, his song “JackBoy” can be heard playing in the background.



In earlier posts, the rapper showed off stacks of money that he was going to give away.

“Zoe Sh*t No H*e Sh*t Always On Sum Go Sh*t,” he captioned images of himself with the cash.

ackBoy became known following his freestyling in 2016 but got his big break after releasing his debut mixtape ‘Stick Up Kid’ featuring Kodak Black and PnB Rock in December of 2016.

In recent times, the former protégé of Kodak Black seems to have been beefing with Kodak, who said JackBoy owes him money. The two have spent weeks shouting at each other in various Instagram lives, to end or reconciliation in sight.

Jackboy shared a message tagging Future saying, “[Future] use half of that money off this and let’s build this hospital woe.”



Article Source: urbanislandz.com

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