Grenada Groovy Monarch 2019 Results

Grenada Groovy Monarch 2019 Results 1

Grenada Groovy Monarch 2019 results are as follows:


Full Name



1 Shondell Amada Dash 261
1 Jevaughn John V’ghn 261
3 Shem Bernard Terra D Governor 259
4 Rashid Julien Cryave 221
4 Kelon & Kelson Ogiste Luni Spark and Electrify 221
6 Valene Nedd Valene 213
7 Sheldon Douglas Sheldon Douglas 208
8 Damion La Pompe Pappy Boi 206
9 Teddy Christopher & Brendon Joseph Top Cat & Blazzer 205
10 Brendon Mckie Killa B 195
11 Leslie Modeste Brother B 190

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