Glorilla and Yo Gotti Responds To Angry Fans Throwing Water At Her At Club Gig

Yo Gotti made light of a viral video showing GloRilla being mobbed by angry fans at a California nightclub on Wednesday night as he mocked a promoter who claimed that he wanted a refund of $30,000 for booking GloRilla to perform.

It seems that patrons at an Oakland, California nightclub got upset after allegations that Glorilla arrived at the venue but refused to perform. The event was advertised by a promoter Con B Music who claimed that he paid $31,000 to have the rapper perform.

A video online showed GloRilla being escorted out of the venue as angry patrons threw water bottles and spit at the CMG Rapper.

On Thursday afternoon, Yo Gotti denied that GloRilla was booked, with previous claims made that she was just to do a walkthrough at the venue.

“30k to perform,” Yo Gotti wrote under a Shaderoom post, along with laughing emojis. “U must booked lil Glo NOT Big Glo #CMG.”

He also posted on his Instagram account a video of Glo on stage during a recent performance. “This how a #BigGlo Show Looks. SOLD Da F** Out Hard,” he said about the San Francisco performance.

Gotti’s denials come after the promoter requested a refund. An advertisement for the Wednesday night event said, “she will be performing live. Not hosting. Not a walkthrough. She will be performing live in Oakland, [Calif.] tonight.”

In a video, he said, “just give me my money back. After that, we ain’t gotta put you on blast.”

GloRilla also reacted to social media comments about the incident as she denied anyone touching her.

“No way you think I’m performing when you paid for a hosting crazy tail self,” one tweet said.

She also responded to claims that someone had spit on her.

“I’m so mad dat I can get sued for slapping you h*es !! but you h*es still can get slapped b**ch,” she added while another tweet that no one spat on her.

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