Former Queen Of Dancehall Lady Saw Building Massive Church

Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, is building a massive church as she gets ready to start preaching.

Marion Hall, previously known as the Queen of dancehall Lady Saw, is on her mission to spread the word of God all over Jamaica, and she has recently landed equipment to help her on the journey. The evangelist was speaking to the Jamaican Star when she revealed her plans and progress since leaving the secular world nearly 4 years ago. Hall recalls how she got the calling from her maker to join the faith in 2015. She also elaborates on how her master preordained her steps to start a church.

“When the spirit of the Lord was speaking to me at that funeral where I was led to give my life to God, I remember asking him where I was to go from there and he said ‘church,’” Lady Saw said. “At the time, I didn’t know what that meant. Some months ago when I was going through my valley, I started getting sermons. I would wake up in the morning and get a word and all of a sudden I would start preaching. I was in Birmingham about four months ago and the Lord told me it’s time. It’s time to preach.”

Everything has been coming together for the evangelist, who is keen on getting her ministry going. She mentioned that her blessings have been flowing, especially in light of her trip to England, where she received several gifts from well-known pastors, including church equipment like drum sets, microphones, and speakers.

Although she has received equipment, she is still awaiting a location to house everything, however, she is not letting the lack of space deter her.

This was certainly not the first time that Marion Hall was talking her ‘church’ to the streets, recounting when she filled downtown Kingston with the Holy Ghost in her first 2 years after converting to Christianity. “The power of God moved down there, that I start casting out demons down there. I’m going back there. I’m going to Port Maria, I’m going to Annotto Bay, Price Rite down a Meadowbrook, then I go Red Hills then I go to Portmore,” Hall mentioned about her future plans.

While she does not have a specific location as yet, she already has a name for the church. However, she was tight-lipped about the name during her interview.

Jamaica currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the most “churches” per square mile of any country in the world. With her recent revelation to add another to the lot, you can imagine that not everyone was happy about her decision. Producer and known atheist Skatta Burrell, has proposed building a school instead of a church. He commented, “Only education can save this Nation. Ask China. ”

Maybe it is a suggestion that Marion can take into consideration a church with a school.



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