Farmer, Nadia, Two Forces To Be Reckoned in 2019

Nadia Batson and Farmer Nappy are definitely gonna be in every big fete in carnival 2019. If they’re not, well, something would be wrong. Beyond that, these two, with two of the most played, and certainly most requested soca tracks heading into Carnival 2019, will be on tour throughout the year. Don’t say we didn’t predict it!

Both Soca artistes penetrated a feting crowd on the weekend at SOS in Tobago, proving that their singles are carnival ready. Farmer’s “Hookin’ Meh’ and Batson’s, “So Long”, were immediate hits upon release prior to the Christmas holiday and since the music releases, both artistes have been warmly embraced by soca lovers, the world over.

Last season, Nadia held her own, powerfully. She’s been a strong female voice for many years but this year, she’s cleared the way for herself, advancing ahead of the pack, something that will undoubtedly seal the deal for her financially, for the entire year ahead. Shal Marshall was that artiste who led the way in 2018. He was everywhere and no matter where it was, his hit single, “Splinters” made crowds go wild. He capitalized on the appreciation for the tune, taking to social media with powerful presence and even marketing the name by branding t- shirts, caps and other paraphernalia. Shal had taken over.

Soca music’s been infiltrating the global music arena, though at a lesser pace than other genres, for a few years well. It’s likely that the pace will continue and what we will eventually see, is a whirlwind of international exposure for a genre that is authentically Caribbean. We can’t wait!


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