EXCLUSIVE: Fay Ann Lyons Officially Terminated from Soca Monarch Position.

Fay Ann Lyons Alvarez tells Ebuzztt this afternoon that she has been officially terminated from the position of Chairman of the International Soca Monarch competition, likewise, the position of Creative Director. It was only yesterday that news broke that Question Mark Entertainment’s Simon Baptiste was hired by the directors of the company, as Creative Director. Lyons Alvarez says this is the post she maintained and was left with questions upon hearing the news.

Fay Ann Lyons.

Speaking on the matter a short while ago, Lyons-Alvarez told us that she had spoken to Geoffrey Wharton Lake one of the ISM directors who confirmed that she would be receiving an official termination letter. “I called him to ask him what was going on and he informed me that they would be going with Simon as Creative Director for the long haul. I said, ok and asked him if they would be sending me an official termination letter. He said they would,” explained the former Soca Monarch and Road March champion.

Lyons-Alvarez told EBUZZTT that she would not be partaking in the competition in 2020 and she would not be attending in any other capacity either.

Blaxx was hopeful that Fay Ann would return to the stage at the Soca Monarch 2020 competition.

Earlier today, we spoke with Blaxx on the matter. He said he was very unhappy that Lyons Alvarez would not be at the helm, saying that he feels it is important for an artist to be involved in such a capacity as to treat with the issues of the artistes. “I hope she will enter the competition though,” he remarked, hopeful that Lyons-Alvarez’s involvement, at least in that capacity, would fuel the competition’s appeal. Now it can be safely confirmed that this will not happen as Fay Ann, in no uncertain terms, made it abundantly clear that she will have no involvement in the affairs of the International Soca Monarch competition, going forward.

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