Drake Hit With BBL Jokes After Sharing Shirtless Bathroom Photo

Drake shares a new shirtless bathroom photo of his chiseled abs eliciting some hilarious reactions from fans

Drake is again trending, and this time it’s not because of AI generated songs. The 6 God shared a shirtless bathroom photo of himself on Tuesday, eliciting some hilarious reactions from his fans on social media and fueling BBL rumors.

Drizzy captioned the photo shared on his Instagram Story, “5 min cold plunge for the soul.” Perhaps Drake knew that the pic would cause a stir on Twitter as he pushed to combat the onslaught of AI generated songs using his voice hitting the net.

The OVO Records chief remains the most streamed artist on the planet as he inched towards becoming the first artist in history to reach 100 billion streams on Spotify. The Toronto-born rapper also racked up billions of views and streams on other platforms like YouTube and Apple Music, making him the most dominant artist of the last decade.

Still, there is a corny side to Drake that fans either love to love or hate. Ever so often, he dropped some content on his social media accounts, where he is very active, that left fans scratching their heads, as in the case of this photo that he graced us with. While some female fans were thirsting over the “God’s Plan” rapper, others couldn’t contain their laughs. Some fans even accused him of getting a BBL.

Drake also unintentionally illicit some laughter last week when Rick Ross was mistaken for him by female fans in Jamaica. The Biggest Boss touched down in Jamrock earlier this month for a big performance at Sandz Festival and for a much-needed vacation. Immediately after stepping off his private jet, Rick Ross was met by overzealous fans, but at least one person thought he was Drake.

Rozay shared the clip on his Instagram, and the 6 God reshared it, jokingly calling Ross his twin. “At least they know we identical twins @richforever,” Drizzy said. Check out some of the fans’ reactions to Drake’s photo below.

Article Source: Urbanislandz.com

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