Drake & 21 Savage Reveals ‘Her Loss’ Artwork After Fake Tiny Desk & Vogue Cover

Drake and 21 Savage shared the cover artwork for their upcoming joint album, Her Loss.

The Canadian rapper and the Atlanta native are definitely showing the irony of fake news and how easy it is to create narratives as they have twice managed to fool fans in recent days with their supposed Vogue cover and now a spoof Tiny Desk concert by NPR.

On Monday, Drake caused a stir as he shared what looked like a Vogue cover featuring himself and 21 Savage on the front cover. The rapper’s post was directly connected to his press for the anticipated release of ‘Her Loss’, their joint project that’s set to be released on November 4.

The album had to be postponed from its original October 28 release date after producer Noah ’40’ Shebib contracted covid. On Monday, Drake revealed that he and 21 Savage were on the latest issue of Vogue with a very believable note.

“Me and my brother on newsstands tomorrow,” Drake said on his Instagram account on Sunday as he revealed a snippet of what the front cover would look like with him and his “Jimmy Cooks” co-collaborator.

In the photo, both men are wearing black, with 21 Savage seen covering his face while Drake stands to his side.

The Canadian rapper thanked Vogue Editor Anna Wintour for the opportunity to be featured on the iconic Vogue cover, which traditionally features fashion figures and other high-profile celebrities but not many from the music sphere.

“Thanks @voguemagazine and Anna Wintour for the love and support on this historic moment,” Drake said.

It later turned out that the cover, which quoted 21 Savage saying, “You Have to be Political. 21 Savage is not holding back,” was fake as the latest Vogue issue features everyone but Drake and 21 Savage.
Drake further perpetuated the fake narrative with a convincing story post of the supposed magazine with him alongside other high-profile publications like Harper’s Bazaar and other Vogue editions.

Disappointed fans later realized that the rappers had fooled them. Well, Drake again tried it with fans as he released an NPR Tiny Desk teaser that turned out to be a spoof. Fans, however, caught on, although they were disappointed because who doesn’t like Drake’s content?

On Wednesday, the rappers released a teaser promoting an upcoming Tiny Desk concert. The video had a convincing set-up, with the rappers even having an intro like the usual Tiny Desk concerts.

“What’s up, everybody. I appreciate you joining us today. All the audience and everybody at home,” Drake says as a nearby guitarist lays a funky bass riff in the background. After both rappers introduce themselves, Drake continues, “This is our Tiny Desk.”

Well, Tiny Desk caught wind of the teaser and confirmed that there was no upcoming concert featuring Drake. However, fans may still have hope as Tiny Desk extended an offer to the rappers to join the set.

“Let’s do it forreal tho,” NPR tweeted with the clap hands and smirk face emoji.

Drake did not reply to the offer, but fans are nevertheless excited that they will get new music from the rapper, if not new content.


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