Dr. Usain Bolt Gets Honorary Doctorate From Brunel University London

Usain Bolt was officially honored by Brunel University London for his outstanding contributions to track and field.

Brunel University announced the conferral two days ago and shared photos of Usain Bolt in his robe and cap accepting the award. In a statement, the university said that Botl held a special place at the institution as he prepared for the 2012 Olympics, one of if not the most transformative years of his career, where he earned the title ‘Fastest man Alive’ due to his 9.58 seconds record time.

“Mr Bolt trained at Brunel a number of times over his career, including in the lead-up to the 2012 London Olympics, where his world beating performances scooped him three gold medals and cemented his place as the greatest sprinter of all time,” the university said on its website.

The statement said that in accepting his award, Bolt addressed graduates at Brunel’s Indoor Athletics Centre in Uxbridge as he impressed the value of hard work and dedication.

“I want to say to the graduates, hard work does pay off, just remember that the road won’t be easy, there will be ups and downs, and you will fail,” Bolt began.

“But always remember, learn from your failure and try again. Never give up on your dream, because as a young man I never knew I’d be this great. Always work hard, dedicate yourself, and remember, anything is possible, don’t take limits,” Bolt added.

Bolt has left the competitive track and field sport, but he has left an indelible mark on the work as he remains the holder of the 100m and 200m world records and a share of the 4x100m record, all of which he earned while preparing at Brunel in 2012,” the university said.

Bolt also expressed his gratitude to the institution.

“I want to thank Brunel University for this honorary degree, I really appreciate it. I have only fond memories of training at Brunel, you guys have really helped me to conquer the world, and I must say I really appreciate that. “

In the meantime, Bolt is now a Doctor of the University or DUniv. The award was conferred by Professor Costas Karageorghis, Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology at Brunel.

“It’s been a delight to welcome Usain back to Brunel to recognise his great achievements, not only on the track, but in promoting sport and a positive attitude towards life,” Karageorghis said.

“As a university, we’re immensely proud to have played even a small part in his journey to greatness, and I’m sure Usain knows he’s welcome back any time!” he added.

Usain Bolt previously received an honorary doctorate from the University Of The West Indies, UWI.


Article Source: urbanislandz.com

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