Dee Dre Aims For Greatness, Artiste Plead For More Industry Support

Having several videos and singles receiving noteworthy rotation, burgeoning Dancehall Star Dee Dre, has his sights set on becoming the next breakout star of the genre. That plan is still in motion as he continues to put in the requisite work required to ensure that he leaves an indelible mark in the entertainment industry.

In a recent interview, the entertainer said that he wants to make music that impacts the lives of those who listen, and believes he has the lyrical ability to make that a reality.

“I know I have what it takes to be a great artiste. I want my music to reach everyone, and that’s why my work is so versatile. I have something for everyone, and my music is very motivational,” he said.

“My songs are songs that are worth listening to. They are worth the support, and I am really hoping to get as much push from the people as possible.”

Dee Dre said that he prides himself in giving his fans music they can relate to as he believes music with a message goes a far way.

“My content is real life, and that makes my music easy to relate to because more than likely, the things I’m singing about is happening in someone else’s life. You will always be able to find a song for any mood you’re in from me,” he said.

“Music with a message will last because people will always be able to connect with those songs. That’s why I focus on giving people songs with substance, because years from now, the message will still be relatable.”

While Dee Dre insists that he will focus on music with a message, he said that this kind of entertainment doesn’t always get the support it deserves. The artiste says he has had difficulty getting his songs the airplay they should receive and points out that songs with less positive messages are being played every day.

“Right now, my focus is on getting more radio play for my songs. Based on how the industry is set up, I knew it would be difficult because positivity usually gets pushed to the side, but I’m not giving up,” he said.

“I just want the radio disc jocks to give the music a chance. There are a lot of talented upcoming artistes out there with songs that could be the next big thing, and all they need is some radio play.”

Dee Dre, who released his album Unrecognized Greatness last September, says he is still promoting that effort. According to the artiste, the 13-track compilation showcases his immense lyrical ability as he sings about topics he believes everyone can relate to.



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