Dancehall Artiste Skeng Arrested At Airport In Kingston After Altercation With Security

Dancehall artiste Skeng was involved in an altercation earlier today that resulted in him being taken off his flight.

The incident took place at around midday at the Norman Manley International airport on Tuesday.

It is believed that the artiste got into an argument with a member of staff that is employed with the Port Security. The police were summoned, and the 21-year-old was eventually taken off the flight that was destined to Trinidad.

The report coming from the incident states that Kevaun Douglas, his given name, was taken into police custody, offered bail, and told to appear before the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court on June 21.

The statements from the police’s communication department had actually highlighted that the incident started prior to the artiste entering the flight and carried on for a few minutes.

“He started behaving disorderly during an argument with a member of the Port Security. So, the incident was actually before he boarded the flight. He was pulled off the flight.”

Skeng’s rise to prominence has been meteoric over the last twelve months, as the Spanish Town native has been running Dancehall rampant with smash hits like “Protocol,” “Gvnman Shift,” “Street Cred,” and his latest single, “London.”

Despite his outlandish lyrics and combative persona, Skeng has never been known to be involved in public altercations. This latest incident is the only stain in what seems to be a very promising career.

Skeng has been traveling more frequently in the last few months. He has been seen performing his latest hits, most notably in England, where he shared the stage with fellow Dancehall artiste Govana in London. He also used the time in the city to shoot the video for his most recent song London in between performances in the English capital.

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