Dancehall Artist Govana Mourns Death Of His Sister From BBL Complications

Dancehall artiste Govana is mourning the loss of his sister Samantha who reportedly died in the Dominican Republic on Saturday after suffering post-surgery complications. The woman had traveled to the Spanish island for a cosmetic procedure said to be the popular body altering, Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery (BBL) but suffered complications days later while she was in a recovery house.

The loss of Govana’s sister adds to the current pain of the 4TH Genna camp as Aidonia’s family is mourning a humongous loss after his nine-year-old son, King Khalif passed away after battling brain cancer. He and Govana’s sister died on the same day.

On Sunday, Govana seemingly confirmed the news that his sister had passed away as he shared a photo hugging his sister.

“Real love mi have fi yuh mi sista #RIP,” Govana wrote in a now-deleted Instagram Story.

In another story, he shared a recent photo of himself and Samantha with the broken-hearted emoji and the dove emoji.

The artist has not commented about the cause of death, but there are reports online that she had been in a recovery house after having a second round of BBL surgery when she died.

The doctor who performed the surgery who has an account goes by account ‘Dr Laurent’ also defended himself after claims that the woman had died on the table.

“Be human please, be honest she had 4 days post-op when she passed probably by a blood clot How you can talk like this without any autopsy. People must the things that you going under surgery is a risk because you must receive anestesia by an anesthesiologist not me as a surgeon and many other things that can be a risk but it’s normal I know you maybe don’t have an idea of medicine and you talk like this. I suggest you at least wait an autopsy result before you say is my fault,” the doctor wrote on Instagram.

This is the second prominent case of a person going to the DR for plastic surgery and suffering complications.

Last month, there was a scare after dancehall artist Spice reportedly suffered complications post-round two BBL surgery. The artist was said to be in a coma after suffering a heart attack. Spice later said she had a ruptured hernia but did not deny or confirm that she had traveled to the DR for plastic surgery or that the hernia ruptured during the liposuction procedure.

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