Chris Brown Details How He And Drake Quash Beef Over Rihanna

Chris Brown and Drake old beef over Rihanna that triggered their infamous nightclub brawl is now water under the bridge.

Chris Brown and Drake are both at different places in their personal and professional career, but that has not always been the case, as many can remember their “light skin beef” a few years back.

In his recent interview on Drink Champs, Breezy reacted humorously at questions about the beef with Drake, which started around 2012. At some point, Brown was Rihanna’s boyfriend, and Drake had never shied away from declaring his love for her.

Rihanna and Brown broke up around 2009, and she is speculated to have dated Drake on and off for a few years. This led to tensions between the men, particularly as Brown was accused of beating Rihanna, leading to their breakup.

It’s easy to see why the two men wouldn’t get along, and things came to a head when they both openly brawled in a New York City nightclub.

Thankfully, they have both moved beyond that time. As Chris Brown shared on Drink Champs, there was a miscommunication between the artists.

“It was just a misunderstanding on both ends,” Breezy said. “I ain’t going into too many details. It’s funny now, but as far as that, blood, he good. He straight.”

“It was funny, and then when we actually sat and talked about it afterwards, it was just like, man, what the f*** was we doing? Like bro, that sht funny as hell. But sht, I’m an R&B n***a,” Chris joked.

Chris Brown has been busy promoting his latest album ‘Breezy’ released on June 24.

Now almost a decade since their drama, Brown is a multi-platinum artist and is also a father of three children. On the other hand, Drake is the most streamed artist in 2022, cementing his dominance as a rap artist. Both artists have crossed important milestones in their respective genres and personal lives.

As for Rihanna, who is speculated to be the reason they are beefing, she’s now a billionaire businesswoman and just became a mother for the first time.

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