Cardi B Teases New Music After Rumored Leaks Of Her Songs

Cardi B has stepped forward to address the leaking of some of her songs on Twitter.

The Bronx rapper appears to be the latest victim of hackers who shared her unreleased work to the internet, or so the claims say. On Monday morning, the rapper began trending after a Nicki Minaj fan page, Medusa Minaj, shared three leaked tracks claiming it was reference tracks from her upcoming delayed album. One of the tracks was by a female singer, which seemed to be a Jennifer Lopez sample.

Some of Cardi B’s fans immediately reacted to the leak, with many sharing that it didn’t sound like the heavy Spanish Bronx accent Cardi had. “Know this is fake cuz Cardi would NEVER say she’s moving weight. BFFR. When has Cardi EVER said that?” one fan asked.

Cardi also popped up to reply to the supposed leaks.

“Lmmmaaaoooooooooo …These are horrible too I would never lol,” she agreed with a fan who thought it wasn’t her.

“I just feel like these are things that people think that I want or would say …Like party wit Cardi? That’s so late for me to say is like me saying okruuuuuuu again …..And Jenny from them block sample it’s like cliche & expected…..Nice try tho,” Cardi said in another tweet.

Cardi B has been teasing her long-awaited sophomore album, which was originally scheduled to be released earlier this year. However, the rapper recently revealed that the album was delayed because she was overthinking the songs and felt pressure to only deliver the best to fans.

She also shared in another post a snippet of a song that she says was scrapped because “I just don’t love it”, for fans who were craving new music from her and for them to remember what she actually sounded like.

“HERE some scraps since yall STARVING,” Cardi B posted in another tweet along with the seven-second clip.

In the meantime, Cardi B shared that she was getting into the Christmas spirit and showed off her Christmas trees. The rapper had not one but three Christmas trees- a red tree, silver and green, and a frosty white and gold tree.

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