Cardi B Open To Spice Collab But Admits Dancehall Out Of Her Lane

Cardi B admits that dancehall is a little out of her lane but says she is open to collaborate with the leading female in the genre currently, Spice.

Cardi B is a big dancehall fan and has often shared her love for 90s dancehall. Now, the Bronx rapper is teasing that she could be releasing a dancehall hit with none other than the Queen of the Dancehall, Spice.

In her latest interview with Lip Service, the rapper says she is nervous about dancehall even though she loves the genre. Cardi B earned the love and respect of many Jamaicans when she had a 90s Passa Passa-themed birthday party last year. The singer has always shared that her favorite artists are Vybz Kartel and Spice.

When asked about Angela Yee about her possibly making a dancehall song, Cardi B was a little more reserved as she pointed out that she hasn’t made any music in the genre before.

“I’m really nervous to do something like that because it’s just like… it’s just certain things that is like you not gonna do because you not that great at it… it’s like a little bit out of my lane.”

She also added that she wanted to ensure that if she was to get into the genre, it would be authentic and not forced.

“I don’t know, It’s like when you are out of your lane and I don’t want it to be like, I want it to be real like raw, I don’t want it to be forced, I don’t want it to be mainstream,” she said.

Cardi B also shared that dancehall artiste Spice has had a huge impact on her growing up. Cardi was born to Caribbean parents with a heritage from the Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago.

When asked about the artist she would collaborate with, Cardi was quick to name Spice and her reason for choosing her.

“I always told Spice like when I was 13 years old, I told her that I made my daddy buy an Ed Hardy shirt because I saw her wear one… it’s not even on Apple Music and she knows that,” she said

Last year Spice performed at Cardi’s 29tth birthday party last year as she brought her high-energy performance to California, much to the excitement of the attendees and half of Hollywood who attended the bash.


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