Cardi B Addresses Nicki Minaj’s Husband Home Detention Sentence

Cardi B is denying that she has anything to do with Kenneth Petty being sentenced to 120 days of home detention for threatening to kill Offset over the weekend.

Nicki Minaj husband was slapped with a home detention order on Wednesday after his probation reported him for making the threats on video that went viral in the company of someone with a criminal record. The actions of Petty were in direct violation of the court in relation to his guilty plea for failing to register as a sex offender in California last year.

Petty is currently on three (3) years probation, and the current sentence means that he’ll be back on an electronic monitoring program and will not be allowed to leave his Calabasas home, where he resides with Minaj.

It appears that Petty’s trip to New York was the first time since his sentence last and since he completed his mandatory six months home detention in relation to his guilty plea. News of the detention order spread online, and Minaj’s fans tried to do damage control as they claimed that it was Cardi B and her husband who might have called the authorities on Petty.

However, Cardi B took to X, formerly Twitter, to deny that she reported Petty. “Exactly keep me and my mans out yall f***in mouth!!!” Cardi wrote on Twitter in response to one of her fans hitting back at the Barbs.

“THANK YOU! Because they’re definitely trying to flip the narrative like this man didn’t do what he did on Instagram and tag every blog in it. Be mad at him and HIS friends,” said Ken Barbie’s post that Cardi responded to.

Journalist Meghann Cuniff also commented on the entire fiasco as she pointed out, “Probation officer and judge did not need an outside report/complaint to act on this. @OffsetYRN and @iamcardib didn’t even seem to care – Offset LOL’d about it in a video as he walked off a jet, I think while going to say hey to Deion Sanders at the Colorado game,” she wrote.

Charlamagne Tha God give Kenneth Petty Donkey of the Day
In the meantime, Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God gave Petty the ‘Donkey of the Day’ award for his actions.

“I know you know better. Maybe you don’t, because nowadays these individuals have let the internet make them forget street rules. Because if you were still moving by the rules of the street there would be no way in hell you would be on the FBI’s internet recording yourself in 4K threatening to kill someone. You told that man to plan his funeral on the FBI’s internet and you thought there wouldn’t be any consequences or repercussions? Do you know how many people probably sent that video to law enforcement? Why? Because you’re high profile. You’re Nicki Minaj’s husband. And that’s one thing I want to say, even if you don’t respect yourself respect the queen. You may not care about how this video impacts you but you should care about how it impacts her,” Charlamagne told him.

In the meantime, fans also blamed Petty for being irresponsible while on probation.

“I don’t think many ppl understand the role of a probation officer. Their job is to monitor their parolee (including social media activity). Defendant better be glad he didn’t get jail time,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I mean, he put himself on camera, nobody needs to call the police, bro dry snitched on himself,” another said.

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