Bounty Killer Taps Out Says Mr. Vegas Using Beef As PR Stunt To Promote Label

Bounty Killer accuses Mr. Vegas of purely using their lyrical beef to promote his new label.

Bounty Killer says he is not going to be distracted from his greatness, and he will stop engaging Mr. Vegas in a fake sound clash. The artist shared his thoughts with a fan on Tuesday morning that he believes that Mr. Vegas is creating drama and controversy to promote a new music deal he signed recently. In a comment to a fan who asked that he stop responding to Mr. Vegas, Bounty Killer said his nemesis was not keen on a clash but was rather drumming up publicity for his new label deal.

“You’re absolutely right but I think wide and far he’s on the ending. I got so much more to do and offer can’t make him distract my greatness he just wants to trade insults typical b–ch stye tracing,” Bounty Killer wrote.

Bounty added, “Y’all know that if I want to destroy him it’s not hard but he ain’t even coming on stage is media stuff him a pull bcuz he gotten a little poop deal trying to remain relevant until him drop album.”

The men have been feuding for weeks now but things became tense this week as both artists traded serious allegations of statutory rape against each other. Mr. Vegas has been alleging that Bounty Killer has a baby mother who gave birth before she was 16 years old, while Bounty Killer shared a video of a woman alleging that she was raped by Mr. Vegas when she was 13 years old and he was 22 years old.

It’s unclear if Mr. Vegas has signed a new record deal, but he has been busy in the past few weeks sharing his rebranded image as “Suubi.”

On his account, he teased upcoming collaborations with Yemi Alade, and he also shared updates from a studio in Guadeloupe. There is also a new song called “Suubi Di Warrior” that he released last week that disses Bounty Killer.

In the meantime, Bounty Killer has released a new song dissing Mr. Vegas – “Bup Bup Bup,” on Spotify. The song previously called Drag Queen is recorded on the Break The War Riddim.

Dexta Daps recently showed support for Bounty Killer in his renewed feud with M. Vegas. The two dancehall deejays feud went back decades to the early 2000s.

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