Bounty Killer Blast Mr. Vegas Over Stance On Political Dancehall Dubplates

Bounty Killer is berating dancehall artiste, Mr. Vegas, on social media for his recent video voicing his support for artistes making dubplates for politicians.

The ‘Poor People Governor’ went off on Instagram today following Mr. Vegas going viral over his encouragement of dancehall artistes supporting members of parliament in the upcoming election. Bounty Killer took to Instagram to share a video of him on stage performing his old hit “Look Into My Eyes,” which is one of his more politically charged songs. During the performance, the dancehall veteran gave a moving speech telling his audience, “We don’t vote for party or personality, we vote for policy,” and urging them to vote for what’s best for the country. “Just a little reminder for the voters,” Killer wrote.

The highly respected deejay added to that an extremely lengthy caption bashing Mr. Vegas, who recently told artistes making dubs for politicians, “eat yuh food,” claiming that the ones speaking out against it are hypocrites. “Where was b*tty face gay-gas p***y u ever use none of the prime of ur career to speak on any social issue or for the ppl,” Bounty wrote. “When since u turn public advocate u looking attention b*tty fish u ever sing a song about the struggle u faced or where u come from nobody even knows which ghetto u grew up u never mention it.”

Bounty Killer did not hold back from hurling more insults at Mr. Vegas, but it did not overshadow that his message rang true that the government and music industry relationship should be symbiotic. “Teaching our youths to put money over morals,” he continued, “nobody is saying artiste shouldn’t deal or have an understanding with politician do dubs or whatever we are simple saying that if they wants dancehall support they should show the same support to the industry and music by stop stereotyping it.”

“Tourist board does not sponsor dancehall events bcuz they don’t recognize it as a tourist attraction,” he added. Vybz Kartel also recently spoke out on the topic following Vegas posting the video advocating for the dubs, and his sentiments were similar to that of his former mentor, Bounty Killer. “You hear dem a talk bout artiste fi take money and do dub.. dats why dem name did call inna fish business, choo likes. Real bow lion dem,” Vybz Kartel wrote in his Instagram stories.

While some artists have opted to lend their vocals to dubplates promoting various members of parliament, many have spoken out against it, including Protoje, who recently dropped an anti-political dub called “Self-Defense” off his upcoming album. “No politician cant beg no dubplate from me,” Protoje wrote. “Yo lots of Politicians blame the music for everything yet when time come they turn to the Music to catch the people.”

Do you agree that members of parliament ought to support the music more if they are to use it for their own political gain or should artistes not be concerned about that and just “eat dem food” as Vegas encouraged?


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