Bob Marley: One Love’ Tops US Box Office With $46 Million Haul

The Bob Marley: One Love Biopic has seen a massive number of people turning out to the showing of the film, which began to air on Valentine’s Day across the world. Local theaters and international theaters are packed and sold out around the clock as many turned out to see the depiction of Bob Marley, played by Kingsley Ben-Adir, and Lashana Lynch, as Rita Marley, and part of his life story on film.

The legendary Jamaican singer is widely known and loved worldwide and is favored to be honored as a national hero by many Jamaicans.

According to Deadline, the movie scored the biggest opening day of all time in Jamaica and internationally; it is the number one film for the biggest and second biggest launch days for a music biopic. Bob Marley: One Love tops the US Box Office this weekend with an expected $46 million haul, beating out the superhero movie, Madame Web, which raked in $24 million.

The film, directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, also broke box office records and earned $4.9M across ten markets on the opening day. International cumulative audience accounts for $5.4M, including previews.

The movie is opening across more markets for the first time on Friday (February 16th), with 26 markets beginning to play, and over the weekend, an additional 26 will be added.

A breakdown by Deadline reveals that the movie is No. 1 in the United Kingdom, grossing $2.3m, in France at $1.3M, No. 1 in Australia on Wednesday with $615K, No. 3 in Spain with $185K, No. 1 in New Zealand with $175K among many others.

For many of these countries, the movie has the biggest opening day for a music biopic; for others, it is second to Bohemian Rhapsody.

On the other hand, while Jamaicans turned out to see the film, some were not pleased by the movie and the depiction of Marley, with a large amount of them criticizing Ziggy Marley, one of the producers of the film. In contrast, others were not pleased with English actor Kingsley Ben-Adir being chosen to play the beloved reggae singer.

Jamaicans are a tough crowd, especially when it comes to them being represented to the world. No doubt, many have been skeptical about Ben-Adir being chosen for the role, and others have raked Ziggy over the coals for saying that he couldn’t find the right actor from Jamaica that could aptly embody his father, not even from among his brothers, some of whom sound and behave just like Bob.

On Friday, Palace Amusement Cinema, which hosted the first premiere of the show and hosted British royals, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, said the movie has been sold out for days now.

However, some felt that the movie did not meet their expectations.

“Ziggy Marley, mi nuh know a wah u and Bob have! What kinda movie dat mi bredda? The movie take 30 minutes fi do! Ziggy you will answer to these charges. I promise you, when the Privy Council (case) is over, the Jamaican government will take you to court for this f**kery weh you just put out. Ziggy wah do you?” Podcaster Jaii Frais reacted to the movie on Thursday night.

Others, however, defended the film, with the vast majority of viewers expressing that the movie was good.

“The movie was good. Honestly, I think people were made to believe it was going to be some sort of biopic of Bob’s life, when in actuality, it was based off of his involvement in the then civil war that was happening in Jamaica and how his music helped shaped the peace narrative, then they sprinkled a little about his life and work and how that impacted the country. So, if you have not yet seen the movie, don’t go expecting his biography,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“The movie was great! He’s too damn extra!! If you’re expecting to see Bob Marley’s life story this is not the movie to see. This movie was solely based on the impact his music had on his country,” one reacted to Jaii Frais.

Some also agreed with the podcaster.

“Movie was great, acting was good.. story line too SHORT!!!” another said.

“Me think a me alone did think this about the move Damian kimarley Julian just to name a few thats missing in the movie a joke this i think the movie was about ziggy him just get him buss ziggy say unu all ways a small me up watch this I’m going to make a movie about me and name it bod,” one wrote.

“Agreed, nothing about his OTHER kids, his life outside of him and Rita, or music and politics .. it as was alright 7/10 for me,” another wrote.

“It wasn’t worth it. But nobody is going to talk the truth because most people on here a seh di movie did good,” one person said.

“I agree and I went and was so a bit disappointed,for so much money to be spent on the movie it could’ve been much better and Bobs story could’ve been presented better as well. It’s not about the mix up but just how the story was told. It had so many repetitive scenes it’s crazy, bob left and go England and come back and none a fi pickney dem nuh grow up. And don’t mek mi talk bout the ending, like God kno? Kmt,” one said.

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