Blueface Warns Lil Baby Over Allegedly DMs To Chrisean Rock

Blueface is again upset at his girlfriend, Chrisean Rock getting attention from another rapper, Lil Baby.

This time, the West Coast rapper appears upset at both Baby and Rock, who he interrogated on Live about a recent interaction between them. Blueface called out Lil Baby for talking to Chrisean Rock and even insinuated that Rock wanted to sleep with the Quality Control rapper.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface were on live eating when Blueface asked about her and Lil Baby at a party last week. “I think you be letting too many rap n****s be in your face,” Blueface began as he added that he wanted his woman exclusive or he was going to break up with her.

Blueface also questioned her about Lil Baby, who was spotted in a photo with Rock recently, but the ‘Crazy in Love’ actress insisted that she and Lil Baby had an “innocent” conversation and it was about “work.”

Blueface appeared to disbelieve Rock and pressed her for more details about their conversation. “[He told me] I got potential,” Chrisean said, but a jealous Blueface retorted, “Potential to what? F**k him?”

Rock added that Lil Baby was having an “empowerment” conversation with her. “Y’all had an empowerment conversation at 5 a.m?” Blueface said with an incredulous look. “With him all up in your face like this? He damn near up in my face, cuz!”

Blueface was angry as he went on a rant.

“He wanna f**k me too? Cuh wanna f**k me? Any n****a in your face is in my face … It makes no sense … It sounds crazy,” he said.

Lil Baby appeared to respond to speculations by fans who thought he was into Chrisean after their initial reaction last week and sent her a text message which Blueface shared on Sunday.

The message was sent on February 12 at 6: 41 am. One message reads, “It’s baby,” while another said, “why people saying I was in ya dm why you aint tell them I’m a big big brother!! I hate sh*t like that.”

Blueface captioned the photo- “Met my b**ch one time talm bout he “big brother” You ain’t no son to me the truth could never be a dis.”

Blueface also had a message for other rappers who were trying to get at his girlfriend.

“I run this shit on sy be mad if you want to b***ch post my messages I’m bleeding anything come thru my Territory without checking In welcome to death row.”

Lil Baby isn’t the only rapper who has riled up Blueface over his girlfriend.

Weeks ago, he seemed to have a problem with her posing for a selfie with rapper Rick Ross at Super Bowl LVII.

“Could never be my b–ch,” Blueface wrote in the iMessage sent to Chrisean. “But I get it you knew to this shit fr so that typa shit excites you it’s really none wrong with it I’m just a different type n-gga wit my bitch. That’s y I told you long time ago you really don’t want that spot.”

Chrisean Rock also responded, “What he literally got a pic walking past idk why everyone trynna get a pic with me I’m not in his face he literally caught me off guard while I’m waiting for my car with zues n them. U being weird bro stfu. Like fr stop talking to me side ways.”

She continued, “U invited b**ches tht jumped me to ya birthday n took pictures n let them shake they ass on u. I’m not sure what tf u keep trynna act like. Stop talking to me like u dum asf fr.”

Blueface later hopped on IG Live and explained that Rock gave his number to Lil Baby so he has been unknowingly texting him instead of her.

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