Best New Dancehall Songs Jan. 2022: Vybz Kartel, Spice, Shenseea, Teejay, Govana, Jahshii

The new year is off to a busy start for the reggae/dancehall community, with both seasoned and new artistes showing out big.

Dancehall remains a young people’s sport, and as such, it is no surprise that many of the latest songs have embraced that trap sound that has been sweeping the genre.

Dancehall fans continue to open their arms to songs from many of the genre’s freshest faces. A few seasoned performers also ensured that their fans had enough music to get them through the first few months of the year. Whether they left it late or got their toes in early, we are here to share some of the hottest dancehall tracks released since the start of the year.

Some artiostes who dropped some big songs this year includes Vybz Kartel, Spice, Shenseea, Teejay, Govana, JahShii, and Squash.

See the hottest dancehall tracks for January 2022 below.

Intence – “New Gear”

We kickstart the list with a powerful single from Intence that was released on the first day of the year. Are you feeling demotivated or discouraged about taking on the struggles of the word? For many people, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Intence offers guidance through “New Gear.” One could call it a booster shot for your New Year’s resolution, as Intence explains just how he moved his life above the poverty line. The move was not an easy one for the deejay, who explains that many of his former associates are now laying 6ix feet deep instead of sharing in the spoils of their hard work. The deejay keeps his lyrics squeaky clean, ensuring his message is not lost in transmission. He also puts on a stunning performance in his KD Visuals-directed music video, which is currently sitting at the number one spot on Youtube’s trending list.

Jahshii – “Born Fighter”

In most instances, music can be seen as a communicative vehicle reflecting what is happening in society. In essence, happy, prosperous people will be more likely to sing about love, the joys in their lives while welcoming all things positive. On the flip side, people bombarded by fear, struggle, and the constant and lingering stench of sickness and death will have no choice but to share their troubling experiences. One of dancehall’s newest entertainers, Jahshii, is making it known that he is here to stay with his first release for the year. It has not been an easy entry for the newcomer, who was left with a jarring outlook of the media after an interview on Anthony Miller’s Entertainment Report. Things would get worst when the producer behind his hit “Cream Of The Crop” was killed by police in Grants Pen in St. Andrew. Jahshii references his associate in his new song and video while showing how he continues to cope with his untimely death. Jahshii took 2021 by storm with other hits such as “25/8,” “Keep Up,” “Life Lessons,” and “Gvnman Town.” The younger brother of popular selector Harry Hype seems destined for a prosperous 2022.

Teejay – “I’ll Touch The Sky”

We transition from one uplifting song to the next with Teejay’s latest release with Damage Musiq. The Montegonian synergy has always flowed between Teejay and the Damage Musiq team, a known fact that has produced some of Teejay’s biggest songs. Think “Gangster Prayer,” “Rich,” “Power Struggle,” featuring Tommy Lee, and one of the singjay’s best offerings to date, “From Rags to Riches.” They continue their prolific partnership with a track tackling the global issue of suicide. The tear-jerking video shows a father contemplating the purpose of his own life following the death of his daughter. Teejay calls on his protector to offer guidance through these trying times.

You can out the lyrics to the chorus below, but it is Teejay’s signature melodies that really give these words meaning.

“But If I , If I Had Wings I’ll Touch The Sky / I Woulda A Fly Away Enuh, From Everything / What A Gwaan Inna / Me Life / I Wish I, Wish I Had Wings To Touch The Sky / Sure Fly Away Enuh, From All Them Thing Yah / Wah Gwaan Inna Me Life,” Teejay sings.

Silk Boss – “Trust”

Silk Boss has been steadily making his way into the hearts of music lovers with his calm yet passionate delivery while taking on touchy issues such as mistrust, heartache, and jealousy. The pain always feels real for Silk Boss, who he continues to manifest it on his new track “Trust.” With deception at an all-time high, there is some level of understanding behind the entertainer feeling paranoid about a recent encounter he has with a female in the FS Media Production music video. The song adds more girt to his catalog of emotionally driven tracks such as “Mankind,” “Stay To Miself,” and “Life Story.” In 2021, the lanky singer who hails from the community of Irwin in the parish of St. James gave his fans an insight into the meaning behind his music. “Mi guh through a lot as a yute with friends an’ family. Dat really give mi di drive to write a song like “Mankind.” Mi see other people guh through some things more time, an’ mi a sey, ‘God know yute, dis ya world ya get a way, eh nuh.’ But such is life,” he told The Observer.

Peek some of the lyrics from “Trust.”

“Jah Jah protect my life cause me don’t know who fi trust / And me don’t know who fi love / And me don’t know a what is feeling / Me nuh need it / And me don’t know who fi trust,” Silk Boss deejay.

450 – “Purge”

The melodies of 450 are as distinct as they come. Whether it is a song about his lustful ways as he has his way with his friend’s woman on “Imperfection” or his struggles on his song “Journey,” a 450 song is easily spotted. Yet, many would not believe that the entertainer had the ability to deliver in the grittiest of ways. The deejay dropped “Purge” on December 29 of last year. While it was not precisely 2022, the singer’s ability to show his difference in flows and content is noteworthy. 450’s “Purge” kickstarts much like the film from which it is named, with a general announcement after the rules of the purge. He and his crew pose with rifles, machetes, and other lower-class weapons. 450 seemingly borrows melodies from incarcerated Florida rapper YNW Melly’s song “Murder On My Mind” as he delivers on his own chorus.

The video may be a bit gritty for some so approach with caution.

Govana, Intence – “Mxrdah”

The two have previously worked together on the title track of Intence’s debut project, Public Enemy No. 1. The Yeng and camp and the 4th Genna team seem more than associates, as they blessed each other with motivation quotes below each other’s Instagram posts throughout 2021. Another collaboration was definitely on the books for this duo, and Chimney Records provided just the riddim for it.

The Upstairs Riddim compilation packs the energy for both men to “Do The Murder,” as they preach. As one of the leading tracks from the compilation, Govi and Intence shot out with a colorful music video by RD Studio. “Mxrdah” has found favor among the masses and is shaping up to be a certified party anthem throughout the year. Check out the video below.

Shaneil Muir – “Naturally”

Chimney Records teams up with Muir to provide a lyrical thrashing like no other. The Montegonian native is known for her powerful vocals and impressive flow, but “Naturally” feels like a whole new ball game. She hits out against those who continue to force their ideas of beauty on her by pressuring her to get work done on her body. The top gyal assured everyone that while she may not have the shape of an hourglass, she is more than blessed in all the right areas. Muir kept her female fans empowered throughout 2021 with songs such as “Exclusive,” “Hype and Boasy,” and “Stop It.” “Naturally” is a beautiful start to 2022.

Shenseea – “Dolly”

Barbie dolls are usually hot on the list of must-have presents for little girls. However, Shenseea has made it cool for just about everyone to have a cute doll. The singer dropped her brand new single just two (2) days into the start of the year, and so far, many female Shengyeng fans have been referring to themselves as dolls. The music video featured former Team Spice dancers Rebel, TC, and Pretty Pretty and social media star “Barbara,” who pioneered the Barbie image on social media. While some have blasted her decision to cast the three dancing jewels, it is clearly paying off since the video has already earned over 2.3 million views on Youtube. Shenseea recently made history by being the first female artiste to secure over 2million Youtube subscribers. She highlighted her success through a post that also called for the powers that be to release her debut album.

Spice – “Different Category”

Troyton Music is responsible for the Booyaka Riddim on which the entertainer goes to work. Spice hops onto a bouncy dancehall beat for her latest single, “Different Category.” Spice explains that while her competitors may have similar material things, they are not in her league. While some praised her vocal delivery, others focussed their attentions on a punchy one-liner that many fans believe is a hit at Shenseea.

“Mi nuh ordinary mi inna different category, gyal affi a watch mi like a me a dem enquiry. Battery dolly, whole a dem just envy me,” Spice spits.

While there is no official word on a rift between them, tensions on both sides of team Spice and team Shenseea raged in 2021, leaving many dancehall fans to choose their favorite.

Click the link below to view the video.

Popcaan – “El Gringo”

Popcaan gave fans “El Chapo” in 2017, and five years later, he brings new heat with “El Gringo.” The December 2021 drop does not pack the same energy as the 2017 hit single. However, the Unruly Boss still manages to deliver the same gritty lyrics over a smoother beat. The single is fitted with a video that shows Popcaan and associates glutching rifles and other weapons. Montego Bay-based production house Attomatic Records teams up with Dansky Records for the single. Chadd Kreative of Kreative Klique handles the video. “El Gringo” may not boast much of a hit factor but is still something to vibe to if you are in the mood to listen to something new from Popcaan.

Govana – “Power Up”

This is not the realm of Dragon Ball Z, but dancehall entertainer Govana is asking for you to go Super Saiyan like the fictional character Goku. It’s simply his way of motivating you to have big dreams. “Power Up” strikes a balance between staying humble and stepping above the sharks. He recalls his humble days of eating the simple things available to him. Nowadays, he’s able to splurge on the crew, and his palate is now accustomed to the best. He also took some time to address a matter he had with the National Water Commission of Jamaica, who billed the entertainer a whopping JM$540,078.61 for one month’s usage.

“Tell NWC the drip inna me watch,” he deejayed. The visuals for “Power Up” were shot between Jamaica and the United States, presumably the areas he is currently touring.

Stream “Power Up” below

Chronic Law – “Paranoia (Self Protection PT2)”

Chronic Law has been one of the most prolific entertainers in dancehall in recent years, rivaling Vybz Kartel, possibly one the greatest to ever do it. Lawboss has already released two songs to start the new year. However, the main focus is being placed on “Paranioa (Self Protection PT2).” The video is already number 6 on Youtube’s trending list. Chronic Law describes the way he feels about not having enough protection on him. It’s all about that firepower for Lawboss, as he explains the issues one may run into if you are caught without it, especially when it comes to corrupt friends.

Vybz Kartel – “Lucky Lucky”

Gaza nation was happy to receive the latest offering from the world Boss himself as the track “Lucky Lucky” had them feeling just that as he took it old school because he knew the assignment and delivered as only he could. In classic Kartel fashion, he expressed just how lucky he was to have that woman in his life that met and surpassed all of his needs sexually. The vocabulary physicist is never at a loss for words as he detailed just how she made him feel after a wild night, to the point that she had better go pack up her belongings and move into his crib as he has found what he has been wanting and is now sated and satisfied. Riding the beat while ensuring that you can clearly hear every word, he spits, “Boom it off like trade center float, bruk it like a needle pon the gramophone. Dem yah mek you nuh go ever left me home, look deh me nuh even waa you go you bed alone. Kiss you pon you neck, you tired but you nuh col. Bet yu sey you finger deh inna you soul. Wine like a gypsy, me a compliment you, tell you a d best me ever know.”

Demarco – “Column”

Hitting harder than he has done for a while, Demarco was not playing games when he voiced this track as it was gritty and real as he addressed those that have not only had his name in their mouths but also behind his back when they told others that they do not like him for whatever reason. The track was more a warning to those who would even dare think to contemplate coming for him musically.

In the song, Demarco deejays, “Pocket full a dead face, and me Gs up, look pon d gold splash pon me t-shirt. Cy eena u gyal, me nah ease up, fi me name classic like Reebok. Me tell dem gyal bring d supm come, me can heal you. Dem a pick up dollar coin outta dem free toll yah, a nuff a push pram cuz dem a real stroller. Gweh wid you cheap obeah, caa work wid cream soda. We nuh beggy beggy, puy we nuh free loader.”

Likkle Addi – “Life Sweet”


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